Easter Pressure?

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By Ken Love

Easter. It’s the highlight and declaration of the Kingdom reality. It can bring wonder—and even people to church! But it has another pressure point. While we want to do our best to walk people into the reality of resurrection, the competing voice in our heads can be more like this, “If I preach really well, will they come back?” or “Our worship has to be incredible and the children’s ministry must be well-oiled,” etc.

Yes, we do have the opportunity to make a good first (or recurring) impression. However, the added twist that, maybe if we do well enough they will come back, is a point of shame and darkness. What does doing well enough mean? If this day has Kingdom power, proclaims Kingdom reality, is rich with the Word of God and flowing in the Spirit, can it return void?

You are sons and daughters of the Most High God! He is never ashamed of you. He does not think less or more of you. Certainly, we can learn from one another in all ministry skill areas. And we do want the fuller Kingdom expression and experiences in our body and for our people. But the Spirit is the one who draws, right? And we are priests to connect people to the Lord!

Walk high in this season. Move in the Spirit to bring the Kingdom reality to those you are assigned to shepherd. Be with the Father and allow his blessing to pour into you and then through you. There is no pressure to make it unique or somehow captivating. There is, however, an opportunity to raise the glory of the resurrected one, to celebrate in the face of chaos and confusion, and to declare and demonstrate the resurrection power.

You are amazing leaders. We delight in how you are responsive to our God and how you bring the Kingdom into reality day by day. Throw off the pressure and enjoy the moment. It is his moment and you are his people!

Ken Love serves as state pastor for Florida Church of God Ministries. Republished by permission.

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