Earthquake Relief in Nepal

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Clouds of dust rising into the air, mountains of rubble, people unable to take cover in their homes. These are not the images of Nepal that we are accustomed to seeing. And yet, these are the very conditions that are the aftermath of the weekend earthquake that has killed 3,400 people so far and caused widespread damage to scores of historic building throughout the Kathmandu valley in central Nepal. The Church of God has forty-one congregations in Nepal, ten scattered throughout valley near the epicenter. Children of Promise also has a child sponsorship program in Nepal.

Direct communication with Nepal has been difficult and physical access is nearly impossible due to the earthquake damage. But since the news first broke on Saturday, Don Armstrong, the Global Missions regional coordinator for Asia and the Pacific, has been reaching out to Church of God leaders across the region, particularly to the Church of God in Meghalaya, India, whose Mission Board pioneered the work of the Church of God in Nepal in 1983 through the ministry of Indian missionaries Amos and Semper Moore. Through contact with these Indian leaders, we know that there is damage to at least one of our church buildings in the earthquake zone, and the sister of the pastor in Kathmandu died due to injuries sustained when a wall collapsed. We expect there to be considerable further damage as reports come in from regions and villages that are as yet inaccessible.


The Mission Board of the Church of God in Meghalaya met today to discuss a relief strategy. The Disaster Relief Committee at Church of God Ministries will be working in coordination with them. As we obtain further information, we will provide updated information about relief efforts in Nepal. In the meantime, please consider a gift to help those in severe need. It is generous gifts from our congregations and from people like you to the Disaster Relief Committee that make it possible for us to respond when a disaster hits and when relief requests come in.

Click here to donate now. You can also send your donation to Attn: Disaster Relief, Church of God Ministries, PO Box 2420, Anderson, IN 46018; be certain to clearly designate your gift to Project #45.04502.

For questions regarding this and other disaster relief efforts in the United States and abroad, contact Stephen Lewis, 800-848-2464.

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