Disease Wreaks Havoc on Post-Hurricane Haiti; Plea for Help

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By Carl Stagner

With peak wind gusts of nearly 160 miles per hour and up to forty inches of rainfall, Hurricane Matthew left behind a serious problem beyond the devastation to homes, businesses, and crops. If an estimated one thousand casualties in Haiti wasn’t bad enough, a breakout of cholera and dysentery is likely over the next few months. Underfunded government-run hospitals and limited access to 21st-century medicine amounts to a potential health crisis. Thankfully, Mark and Kathy Fulton, Global Strategy missionaries to Haiti, bring with them decades of experience in medical missions. But they’ve already had to deplete their emergency resources in response to the surge of needs since Hurricane Matthew struck. They need your help.

Southern Haiti, home to approximately thirty-five Church of God congregations, was hardest hit. Crops were damaged there, and some believers lost all material possessions. Emergency relief, including rice, beans, and oil were purchased and are being delivered by the Fultons this week to local congregations. Tylenol, ibuprofen, clothing, and thousands of packets of hygiene supplies are being shipped to areas of greatest need first, such as the devastated community of Les Cayes.

Standing water and mud deposits are a sign of the mosquito-borne illnesses and GI-tract diseases to come. History indicates that medicine costs in Haiti increase up to 30 percent following disasters. It is necessary that we are prepared to respond swiftly to deliver not only physical healing, but spiritual healing, as well.


“We have neither the time nor resources to do a thorough job, but if nothing else, we can assess, report, encourage, and pray with those who have lost everything,” Mark explains. “We ask for your prayers during this time as cholera and other diseases are starting to really take hold there, so we will attempt to take some meds with us for assistance with upcoming issues. We hope to return back to our hospital after a few days, then continue with our preparations there for the onslaught of the upcoming disease entities heading to us, as well. We are thankful, fearful, and continually seeking the wisdom to make the right decisions.”

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support. Please consider a generous donation to the Disaster Relief Fund today. Donate online at www.JesusIsTheSubject.org/disaster-relief/. Donations can also be mailed to Church of God Ministries, PO Box 2420, Anderson, IN 46018; please note that your gift is for Disaster Relief, Project # 45.04502.

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