Disaster Relief Partners with Pakistani Church to Address Water Woes

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By Carl Stagner

The relatively young Church of God network in Pakistan has already made a big splash in a number of notable ways. Among other headlines, the launch of the CBH Urdu broadcast on Easter proved providential in the expansion of the Movement’s influence on the region. Under the very capable leadership of Rev. Dr. Samuel George, the growing fellowship of believers has mobilized its resources to address the tangible needs of their neighbors. Even as recent record-setting rainfall has caused their own water woes, the Church of God in Pakistan has set out to drill wells in the most remote of villages. Thanks to a partnership between Church of God Disaster Relief and the Church of God in Pakistan, rural villages are not only given access to clean water, but also a taste of the Living Water.

In an email update to supporters early this summer, regional coordinators to Asia and the Pacific—Don and Caroline Armstrong—reported on the labor of love launched by the Church of God in Pakistan.

“For the last five years Church of God pastors from Karachi, Pakistan, have been making monthly trips north to visit two very small, very poor villages,” they wrote. “Normally, the pastors come with food, clothing, and spiritual encouragement. Last month, however, they arrived with well drilling equipment. The pastors had raised enough money to drill water wells in both villages but needed help to purchase the pumps that would bring the water to the surface.”

Rev. Dr. Samuel George (left) and a new well dig.

The regional coordinators for Global Strategy brought the matter to the attention of Church of God Ministries, and Disaster Relief made the decision to offer financial assistance. The Armstrongs wrote, “Today, both villages have access to clean drinking water that is free of bacteria and disease. These wells are changing the lives of the people there and demonstrating the goodness of God. Grateful for the Crises Ministry fund and the churches who give to it.”

At the time of this writing, the high temperature soared to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Such temperatures and limited sanitation is a recipe for unsanitary conditions, especially in existing sources of drinking water.

Since the initial request for funds in Pakistan, flooding took the Church of God in Pakistan by unwelcome surprise, leaving Rev. Dr. Samuel George’s own church facility with significant damage. Relief on another front is ongoing in the wake of five-and-a-half feet of water standing in the church building for more than a couple days also contained sewage overflow. The Church of God in the United States and Canada was grateful to be invited to partner with the Church of God in Pakistan in cleaning and restoring the church and compound. Global Strategy/Disaster Relief sent funds to assist with the cleaning and sanitation of church buildings, the repair of electrical wires and sound systems, the reconstruction of the barbed wire wall and main gates, and other necessary flood responses. Church of God Ministries trusts that these funds, together with local contributions, greatly assisted the restoration and protection of the church compound and community.

Thank you for your prayers as water woes trouble the givers and the receivers of blessings brought about because of the financial and prayerful support of the Church of God around the world.

Disaster Relief funds have been sent to partner with the Church of God in Pakistan in both purchasing the wells and responding to the extreme flooding. To further equip the local church to respond to hurting families and communities, donations can be made to Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief. Your gift today supports those suffering from flooding in Pakistan, Kentucky, Bangladesh, and other communities where the local Church of God is responding to disasters around the world. Thank you.

Feature (top) photo: Flooding in Pakistan in July.

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