Developing Healthy Churches through Healthy Families

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By Paul and Kattia Jones

This year we have felt strongly the Lord would have us to focus on marriage and family. It was once said, “As the family goes, so goes the nation.” We believe this to also be true in respect to the church. In order to have healthy churches, we feel we must seek to develop healthy families. Therefore, we plan on using a three-pronged approach to better meet the needs of the Bolivian church in regard to marriage and family.

The first and immediate area of ministry is to those who are already married.  Recognizing a great need to strengthen and to encourage couples, we are beginning the process of making marriage enrichment classes available for all those who will be interested. We are now hosting classes for seven couples to learn the material that we will use to teach on a larger scale. These couples will be brought together as a team that will then conduct daylong seminars in various parts of the country. Our prayer is that this be an effective tool in making families stronger so that our churches can also be better able to proclaim the gospel.

The second area of ministry that we plan on launching is that of pre-marriage classes. We see this as a tremendous need in the development of stable families from the start. We hope to raise up many leaders who will become adequately trained to be able to help young couples prepare for married life.

The third prong of our ministry approach will be teaching the young people in such themes as what to look for in a spouse, abstinence, and other pertinent topics. We believe this will help to shape the church of the future.

We feel very strongly that this ministry approach is a call of God to touch the lives of our brothers and sisters in a way we have not been able to in the past. We ask for your prayers as this will require a lot of coordination, preparation of materials, and planning. This will be something new for the Church of God in Bolivia, so we ask for your prayers.

Paul and Kattia Jones serve as your career missionaries for Global Missions in Bolivia.

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