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By Carl Stagner

The buzz about a new book sure to make waves in the Church of God is about to reach fever pitch. At the Church of God Convention, Warner Christian Resources will release a groundbreaking work from the brilliant, witty, and whimsical mind of Pastor Allan K. Fuller, whose recent season of ministry leadership in Phoenix, Arizona, took one Church of God congregation to new heights—not to mention a new address. A special workshop in Tampa, based on the book, and led by A. K. Fuller himself, will give pastors and church leaders ideas and insights to help anyone and everyone understand the “epic Christian narrative,” and be able to teach the overarching story of the Bible with stunningly fresh creativity and remarkable clarity.

“Nobody wants to feel stupid. Nobody enjoys that moment at the auto repair shop when you get to the counter and they ask, “What seems to be the problem?” Do you try to imitate the sound of the engine with your voice? For the mechanic behind the counter, I imagine that’s more of a job perk than a helpful diagnostic tool.” With a humorous anecdote like that, author A. K. Fuller offers an intriguing hook to the book he wrote, Overall: Understanding the Epic Christian Story. Drawing a parallel to the emotion many unfamiliar with the faith can’t help but feel when listening to a sermon, hearing a lecture in a small group or Sunday school class, or trying to crack open the Scriptures to any random page to begin exploring the text, Fuller insists the need to know and effectively communicate the story of the whole of the Bible—not just select verses or passages—is invaluable.

After all, whether we choose to recognize it or not, Christians have coined countless phrases understood only within the walls of the church. There’s a lexicon particular to the church, and the inside jokes and veiled remarks spoken from the pulpit sometimes fall on deaf ears connected to confused and disillusioned hearts. As Fuller exemplifies, “Remember—before Boaz was married, he was Ruth-less!” The truth is, much of the laughter that erupts comes from persons in the pew who don’t really comprehend the comedic quip, but also don’t want to feel stupid in church.

Fuller speaks at Church of God Regional 2017 (AZ).

But what if there were a resource, offered by a Church of God pastor, published by a Church of God publisher, carefully crafted with scholarly, yet impressively accessible content, with the express purpose of shifting the paradigm? What if students of the Word could understand human existence and the narrative of the Bible as part of the overall Christian story? Thankfully, A. K. Fuller masterfully weaves seminary-strength expository observations in readable tone, orthodox comprehension of the Bible, and relatable illustrations designed to illuminate God’s message to humanity for the purpose of grasping, applying, and conveying truth to all. For the unbeliever, the new follower of Jesus, and the longtime disciple, the end result is breathtakingly liberating.

Overall is divided into seven parts, each serving as indispensable pieces of a puzzle that, for the reader, fit together snugly and sensibly; the reader isn’t left feeling tricked by the puzzle-maker, weighing various options that may or may be the next right move. From “One Nation” and “Violation,” to “Emmanuel” and ultimately “Last Words,” these parts each carry a handful of individual chapters of helpful material and references. Throughout, and with greater attention toward the end of the tome, readers can conclude appropriate personal application and how we, today, fit into the overall Christian story.

Recognizing an important contribution to the Church of God and the broader Christian context, numerous voices have affirmed A. K. Fuller’s work, among them Jim Lyon, Marty Grubbs, and Rod Stafford. Rod Stafford, featured Convention 2023 speaker, puts it this way: “This book is for everyone. The skeptic and the believer. The churched and the unchurched. Those who have never read the Bible and the biblical scholar. The one hearing the Word and the one preaching the Word. It’s rare to find a book about the Bible that I can enthusiastically recommend to such a wide audience. This is one of those books.”

On Friday, June 23, the official book launch features a workshop from 9:00 until 10:30 AM, “A Fresh, New Tool for Fresh, New Believers.” The opportunity not only affords the chance to meet and hear from Pastor Fuller in person, but also for the first fifty workshop attendees to receive a complimentary copy of Overall. Additionally, Fuller will be available to sign books after the Friday evening service.

Learn more about Overall: Understanding the Epic Christian Story and the author (and download a free sample chapter) at The book will be available through Warner Christian Resources, Amazon (including on Kindle), and other Christian retail stores beginning on June 21, and will be available for purchase at the Church of God Convention in Tampa, Florida.

“He’s got the whole world in his hands.” What an encouraging reality! Be inspired by it, be challenged by it, and experience it firsthand at Convention 2023 and General Assembly, June 22–25 in Tampa, Florida. Learn more and register at

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