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Children will love KidzLIVE. Students and adults will be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping talent of illusionist John Michael Hinton. Families will love the proximity to Disney World, other parks, and the beach. Adults (and many younger individuals, too!) will delight in the return of the Heritage Hymn Sing. Pastors and lay delegates won’t want to miss the General Assembly, slated to address several critical issues for the future of the Movement. Then there’s the Global Strategy 5K Run, the TED Talk-style event, a variety of electives, and the international elements—still in the planning stages! To top it off, consider the incredibly powerful and worshipful voice of Natalie Grant and a lineup of inspirational speakers from the Church of God and beyond. It’s no wonder people across the country continue to register for a Church of God gathering that promises to make history.

kidzliveWhat’s already so historic about Church of God Convention 2019 and General Assembly? It will be the first-ever Convention and General Assembly to be held entirely at a hotel and convention center. Of course, the format is very familiar to our students who have long recognized the convenience, comfort, and connecting components only possible in such a venue designed intentionally for large meetings. The atmosphere and feel of an even broader cross-section of the Movement, spanning generations and cultures, worshiping together in a similar environment, is sure to be spiritual exhilarating and life-giving.

As of this year, Florida has hosted a Regional Convention, but 2019 will be the first time the biennial Church of God Convention and General Assembly have come to Florida. Prior to 2019, and since 1907, only Anderson, Oklahoma City, and Wichita had hosted the seminal Church of God experience. Still, matters of geography and venue ultimately mean little in the scheme of God’s ever-unfolding story in the Movement. That’s why the history-in-the-making will surely consist of changed lives, renewed and strengthened relationships, crucial decisions made, and vision cast for the future.

Why would anyone in the Church of God want to miss all that?

In Anderson, the Church of God Convention may have felt to some like it was primarily for Midwesterners. Previous programming may have left laypeople feeling left out. Without children’s activities, it may have felt like the convention was only for older adults. But one glance at the schedule for 2019 assures the prospective 2019 attendee that, indeed, this one’s for everyone.

Register now and book your room at the Marriott World Center. You’ll enjoy a special reduced rate, and you’ll enjoy some of the best accommodations, dining, activities, and hospitality anywhere. Join thousands of the Church of God family from the United States, Canada, and around the world, next June 27–30 in Orlando, Florida. You won’t regret it:


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