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What if you could have a FREE teaching resource that would help your students grow in their faith and help them share the good news of Jesus with others?

In partnership with I Am Second, the 360 Remix was launched at IYC2016, and made available to youth pastors for free. If you have not yet done so, we invite you to get on board! We want to challenge all student ministries to teach the 360 Remix in partnership with I Am Second. This is a collaborative effort to help you equip and prepare your students to reach those around them and share Christ in their communities. A free set of lessons is now available at Download this free material now, and implement it into your ministry as the new semester begins.

360 is a very simple evangelism strategy built on looking 360 degrees around you to see where God is at work, praying for three people who don’t know Christ, six days a week, and missing zero opportunities. If you have already taught the curriculum, we would love to hear how God is using it to reach students for Christ. E-mail us at to share your story!

“Visit YMI Update and learn how God is working through 360 Remix. Working together to raise up Christ-centered disciples,

Andy Stephenson, PhD

Associate director of North American Ministries at Church of God Ministries.
Andy can be reached at

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