Congregations Bring Kingdom to Life as September Starts

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By Carl Stagner

The mission of Church of God Ministries is to serve “the General Assembly by empowering the people of God to collectively build a Jesus-centered, biblically grounded Movement that brings the kingdom to life on earth as it is in heaven.” With reference to the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:10, the statement focuses the efforts of “base camp” staff to come alongside local churches, parachurch organizations, pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders across the United States and Canada to encourage maximum impact on the world for Jesus Christ. With renewed intentionality and a replenished supply of fervor following a busy summer, Church of God congregations are carrying out key components of the mission by virtue of who they are, and whose they are, in Christ. As September dawns, the wide variety of kingdom-driven activity taking place at the local church level in the Church of God movement demonstrate this reality vividly.

CHOGnews has reported plenty on the subject of churches partnering with local schools to bless teachers and students. This kind of outreach from Church of God congregations is proving far more prevalent than initially speculated; praise God for those among us longing to see blessing among these critical institutions and those made in the image of God therein. Grace Church of God, for instance, in Brooklyn, New York, recently concluded a back-to-school prayer walk that culminated in a community barbecue. Vincennes First Church of God in southwestern Indiana went so far as to host the entire school football team for breakfast.

Football team hosted by Vincennes First Church of God.

On the topic of food, Clearfield Tabernacle First Church of God in Kentucky offered a variety of staple food items for giveaway, announcing it to the public via social media. Word spread quickly and the food was soon gone, no strings attached. Food wasn’t what it was all about for youth groups of four churches in North Carolina, though there was plenty of it; Royal Chapel Church of God, Rock Chapel, Transformation Church, and Morganton First Church of God held four summertime rallies that just concluded the last full weekend of August. Leading by example, these youth ministries recognized isolation isn’t the call of God, but visible, practical unity. The world is watching!

Speaking of Morganton First Church of God, did you know they’re gearing up for a mortgage burning celebration, along with baptism and other momentous moments of pomp and circumstance? Indeed, there are numerous events and activities upcoming for Church of God congregations through the month of September and into the fall season of great opportunity to bring the kingdom of God to life on earth (as it is in heaven!).

Four-youth-group rally in North Carolina.

Transforming Life Church of God in Baltimore, Maryland, is preparing for a mental health conference. Genesis Christian Church in Margate, Florida, is ready to dedicate their beautiful, new facility with many opportunities for church and community to connect. Many churches have baptism celebrations on the calendar, while a variety of congregations across the country are making plans for community fall festivals and anything flavored pumpkin-spice (well perhaps not the latter).

To the Church of God in the United States and Canada, best wishes for Labor Day weekend!

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