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At a conference this week, Andy Stanley reflected on a conversation he had with his father Charles Stanley, now 84 years old, a few years ago. His father said this: “I’d like to find someone who is a little bit ahead of me who I could talk to and learn from.” When asked what it was he would ask that person, he quickly replied, “I just want to know if it gets any easier.”

Maybe you can relate to that question. I know I can. After fourteen years of full-time ministry, I still experience moments of discouragement, disappointment, etc. The best way that I have found to combat these feelings of inadequacy or failure has been to have someone in my life who not only believes in me, but who really wants me to win.

I have found that having a coach in my life has helped me to experience exponential growth. Whether through a monthly phone call or a weekly face-to-face interaction, I have benefitted greatly from having someone who really sees and knows me and who genuinely cares more about me (and not just my ministry).

Who is it that you are asking to intentionally pour in to you? Finding that person may not be as difficult as you may think. Who is someone that you look up to and that you have some level of access to? Consider reaching out to that person and asking them to coach you for a season!



Adam Rentas

Adam Rentas is a Youth Ministry Team member and serves as lead youth pastor at First Church of God in St. Joseph, Michigan.

He can be reached at adam.r@myfirstchurch.com.

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