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Yearbook 2012 FOR WEB

Image: Church of God Yearbook 2012

For the first time, the Yearbook of the Church of God soon can be downloaded from several online bookstores, including Books-A-Million and Books on Board. To visit one of these sites, click here. You can use this secure PDF format on personal computers, electronic tablets, and most e-book readers.

The Warner Press website (www.warnerpress.org) will provide a link to one of these downloads in January. Consumers can also search for it on other Internet sites by entering its International Standard Book Number (ISBN) of 978-1-59317-557-3 in their favorite search engine. The suggested retail price of the 2012 Yearbook download is $18 (USD), but individual retailers are able to set their own prices.

Published annually since 1917, the Yearbook is a comprehensive listing of the agencies, congregations, and ministers of the Church of God in North America. Besides giving up-to-date contact information, the Yearbook publishes official statistics that reflect the growth and health of the movement.

Security features prevent the copying and printing of Yearbook pages, to discourage marketers from using the data for unauthorized purposes. The e-book version is not being sold on the Warner Press site this year, due to current requirements of state sales tax laws. It is also not available in Kindle format at this time.

Print and CD-ROM versions of the Yearbook will begin shipping in mid-January. For more information about these formats, visit the Warner Press website or call a sales representative toll-free at (800) 741-7721.

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