Church of God Urges Prayer for Roseburg, Oregon

 In All Church of God, Western


Senseless violence has yet again shaken the country as news of a deadly shooting surfaced from the city of Roseburg, Oregon. The October 1, 2015, tragedy is only just beginning to send shockwaves through the city, which lies about 180 miles south of Portland. Our Church of God congregation, Hucrest Community, opened its doors to the public for anyone who would like to pray. Prayer is what is so desperately needed at a time like this, and we invite the Church of God across the country and around the world to pray. Please remember the wounded, the friends and family of the deceased, Umpqua Community College, Pastor Jon Nutter, the congregation he serves, and the entire Roseburg community in your prayers. Thank you.

In an update on social media, Pastor Jon Nutter said, “Pastors are responding in a unified manner to the needs presenting themselves. Houses of prayer are open…please pray for our community to come together.” In another update, Jon wrote, “Thank you to all my friends and fellow ministers across the country who have activated your prayer chains for our community and reached out personally by phone, e-mail, and text.”

Pastor Jon spent time at the local fairgrounds on Thursday evening, October 1, where students and faculty who were not injured were transported. Jon comments, “Families from all over the county gathered expectantly, prayerfully, and hopefully. Many are still waiting the official and sobering news that their child or children, their spouse or loved one, was either killed or injured. It is a sad, sad day.” Later that evening, Pastor Jon joined other pastors and members in the community for a prayer vigil at the park. Multitudes gathered to seek the Lord for comfort and peace. Of the prayer vigil, Jon noted, “No one wants to leave…[praying for] God’s comfort and peace. Oh, Father, come and hold the brokenhearted close.”

Jim Lyon, Church of God Ministries general director, urged the Church of God to unite in prayer for Hucrest Community Church and the community of Roseburg.

Warner Pacific College in Portland pointed to the God of mercy amid such tragedy. “Please join us in holding prayer for all those impacted by the devastating shooting,” the school posted, in addition to the following words of consolation from Psalm 57:1—“Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy! I look to you for protection. I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings…” (NLT).

Please continue to pray.

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