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Ever wonder what happens to the offerings given to Spread the Word? This youth-funded ministry reaches around the world with a direct impact on evangelism and discipleship. Funds that were distributed in Paraguay went to directly support Christian radio and television ministries of the Church of God. Marcos Kurrle, of Radio Alternativa and Channel 20, shares the following story of God’s hand at work through these ministries funded by Spread the Word:

A man named Pablo David Navarro really needed a job. We had put on air that we needed someone to work with us in radio. So one day he came to talk with me about the job we were offering. We talked for about twenty minutes. I explained to him that we love God and we really follow Jesus, and that life without Jesus is very difficult. About five days after we talked, Pablo David called me and asked me if he could come and talk a little with me.

It was one of these mornings that I did not know where to start with all my work. The first thing that come to my mind was, “I don’t have time right now.” I started to tell David that I have so much to do and a needed to finish some things and that maybe we could meet sometime next week. But at the same time I was telling him this, somebody was trying to talk to me. I tried to listen, and this person was telling me, “You need to make time for this young man.”

At that moment I recognized that the Holy Spirit was that person, so immediately I told David, “Okay, David, you can come right now.” In fifteen minutes, he was in my office. When he sat on the chair, he started to cry. He told me that he has had problems with his wife. They’d had a discussion, and she wanted to leave. He told me that he has no friends—that he had just moved into Obligado from Ciudad del Este. He had no job, and now he had problems at home. So I talked to David about how he needed Jesus first of all. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, he accepted Jesus in his heart! After we prayed, I stood up and hugged him. He cried like a baby and held me for three or four minutes. Can you imagine this twenty-five-year-old young man doing this?

He told me that he felt something so special in this radio ministry and that, in just those twenty minutes talking with me, he was made to feel that he could trust me. So he asked me if I could call Bernarda and tell her not to leave David yet. So I did call Bernarda. I asked her if my wife and I could talk to her the next day, explaining that we would like to help. She said yes. After I invited David and Bernarda to our Bible study the next day, praise the Lord, she also said yes to Jesus! Both David and Bernarda are now coming to church.

Church of God, please keep David and Bernarda in your prayers as they mature in their new walk with Christ. Please continue also to ask God to bless the life-changing impact of Spread the Word and our students who so faithfully support it. At IYC2014, students gave $64,000 to STW. For more information about Spread the Word, visit

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