Church of God Pastor Walks Across Entire County

 In All Church of God


Pastor Melissa Pratt, of Teays Valley Church of God in Scott Depot, West Virginia, had no idea what she was in for when she decided to walk across Putnam County in just four days. The personal walk-a-thon, dubbed “Mission Possible,” took place during the week of October 7. In just four days, the pastor walked 68.8 miles total through every major town and area in Putnam County.

“I started training about two months before the walk-a-thon,” Pratt recalls. “I’ve never participated in an organized sport or trained for anything. God was the only one who truly knew I could do this! I now have tired feet, but fresh eyes for the people of Putnam County and for our church’s mission here.”

The walk-a-thon’s purpose was to raise community awareness about the church’s new project—the building of a new community and ministry center, which will be open to the community for recreation, social interaction, banquets and receptions, conferences, concerts, and more.

Community members were also given an opportunity to make a financial pledge to the walk-a-thon, and the support was tremendous. The walk-a-thon earned well in excess of twenty thousand dollars, and funds are still coming in. The growing congregation is working to raise pledges in excess of one million dollars just to get the site prepared by next spring.

Pratt’s journey across the county, accompanied by church volunteers who took shifts to ensure she was never alone, was covered by a local news report. In that report, she was recorded saying, “When I think about the life and ministry of Jesus, the one we’re following after, he walked everywhere he went. And that gave him an opportunity to see life in each village, from the people’s perspective, and to connect with them on their level. I have a whole new respect for the beauty of Putnam County, for the people of Putnam County.”

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