Church of God Ministries Welcomes Chief Advancement Officer

 In All Church of God, Church of God Ministries

By Mary Baker-Boudissa

Over the last several months, anticipation has been building, not only among the staff at Church of God Ministries (CGM), but in the larger Church of God movement. Who will serve alongside general director Jim Lyon to support a new day and new vision for the church? The individual called to serve as Chief Advancement Officer at CGM will play a key role in the future of the movement. After a thorough search, supported by prayers from around the world, CGM is pleased to welcome Robert L. Moss as chief advancement officer.

Bob is no stranger to the Church of God family. His name is recognized as one who has served for more than thirty years in pastoral ministry, including congregations in Washington, Wyoming, and Michigan, and most recently at Salem Church of God in Ohio. In Bob’s words, “A lifetime of ministry experiences have all combined to point me to this specific assignment for the fourth quarter in my ministry life. These years of ministry have given me an empathy for the needs of pastors in the life of this movement.”

In addition to Bob’s heart for pastors, he has been at the forefront of change and growth at the regional and national church. He served as the executive state minister for the 150 congregations in Indiana and led with distinction as a two-term chairman of the North American General Assembly of the Church of God. Internationally, his ministry has extended to India, Paraguay, Lebanon, Germany, and Hungary.

Bob notes, “The role of our general offices is changing. In this new way of relating, the function of Church of God Ministries is to connect points of health by networking, so that the health of the whole can be enhanced. This means that the offices in Anderson will not only initiate effective ministry but will also help to connect others who are doing effective ministry.”

Along with his proven ability to lead is Bob’s commitment to the kingdom of God as a follower of Christ. “In reading Scripture, there was a phrase in the New Testament that grabbed my attention. ‘But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives’ (Phil 3:20 NLT).” Reading this phrase gave Bob a new inspiration and new way of looking at his life. “I am a citizen of heaven, here on temporary assignment. I received a new identity and a new nature. It means that my greatest life goal is to make myself available to the Lord to do whatever work he gives me. It means I no longer live for my own purposes, but for his.”

God’s purpose for the Church of God is unfolding in this new day, but it will take the work of the collective church—fully engaged and working together. As Bob says: “The success of the team at CGM is somewhat dependent on whether or not the General Assembly can be revived as the decisive and vision-responsive body it was in days gone by. It is dependent upon the willingness of pastor leaders to re-engage and participate in the ministry of our movement.”

Please pray for Bob and Renée, his wife of thirty-seven years, as they transition to this new assignment in Anderson, Indiana.

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