Church of God Ministries Unveils New Website

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Image: The new Church of God website homepage.


Coinciding with the kickoff of Church of God Convention 2014, on Monday, June 23, Church of God Ministries unveiled a new website for the Church of God. Sporting a fresh, sleek, and simple design, is intended to serve as an online hub for information, news, resourcing, and interactivity for the movement. Combining contemporary graphic elements and flair, the site uses the latest in online design to enhance—not complicate—each page.

Church of God Ministries believes pastors, lay leaders, and other visitors will appreciate the new structure and user-friendly options. With easy-to-understand buttons and intuitive menu navigation, the new site brings the most-requested content to the forefront and highlights material of most practical benefit to the guest. The power of a story to connect people of all ages, Website_2014_ScreenClip2_FORWEBbackgrounds, cultures, and regions is evident in the prominence of stories of God’s hand at work in the Church of God. Major themes and movement-wide initiatives are given primary placement to enhance clear communication. The most utilized tool on the Church of God site has long been the “Find a Church” tool; this easy-to-find feature is now improved with Google Maps integration.

On the new website, Church of God news from automatically populates the lower portion of the home page. To help the person in the pew better understand who the Church of God is, a graphical representation of our impact is also included. A continuously updating Twitter feed at the bottom of the page demonstrates our commitment to up-to-date communication channels. Finally, a daily Bible verse feature will provide a daily dose of encouragement. New pages for domestic ministries, international ministries, and youth are also in development.

“Our new website focuses on connection, bringing more of what’s happening in the Church of God, here and around the world, right to you,” explains Mary Baker-Boudissa, communication team leader at Church of God Ministries.

Can’t find something? Use the enhanced search feature, found at the top of the page, or browse a list of common links at the bottom of the page. Still can’t find something? Give Church of God Ministries a call at 800-848-2464 and we’ll serve you in any way possible.

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