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At the beginning of January, the publishing work of Church of God Ministries in Anderson, Indiana, was reintegrated into its subsidiary, Warner Press, Inc. This ends a fifteen-year period in which curriculum, books for the Church of God, and hymnals have been produced by Church of God Ministries and distributed under the Warner Press brand.

“Warner Press was established in 1880 as the publishing house of the Church of God,” says Warner president Eric King. “With this step, Warner Press again truly becomes the official publishing house of the church. All of the duties, responsibilities and decisions pertaining to this area are again consolidated within the Warner Press organization.” Warner Press continues to have a significant role in the Christian retail market as a producer of church supplies, children’s books, and ministry resources.

King also announced that Warner Press has repaid all long-term debt incurred in a major restructuring of the company in 1999. He called this a “genuine success story” for the church.

Editorial staff who worked at Church of God Ministries have now joined the Warner Press team. Joe Allison, who served for the past nine years as coordinator of publishing at the national offices of the Church of God, is now editorial director of curriculum and discipleship resources for Warner Press.

“From the movement’s birth, the publishing house of the Church of God has been a core component of ministry,” explains Jim Lyon, general director of Church of God Ministries. “Church of God Ministries is committed to working as a team with Warner Press, developing content and product lines that advance the kingdom on every front where the Church of God stands—and for the larger body of Christ, as well. To this end, we are excited about not just a partnership, but the merging of our creative publishing team into the ministry at Warner Press. At every level, we are working to enhance, strengthen, and maximize our resources to empower the church.”

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