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Church of God Ministries is pleased to announce a new partnership with Everence. More than a financial institution, Everence is a faith-based team of kingdom-minded sisters and brothers in Christ that helps churches cross the economic and stewardship hurdles all too common in today’s ministry landscape.

When the Spirit leads a Church of God congregation to build or renovate, to refinance or open up a line of credit, Church of God Ministries now has an answer. Thanks to this new partnership, which Jason McClendon, executive director of advancement for Church of God Ministries, describes a “sigh of relief” for the Movement, churches have an real solution at their fingertips.

“Among a wide variety of advantages, Everence makes it possible for churches to refinance and lower their interest rates beyond what secular banks can do,” he explains. “After their introduction at Convention 2021 and General Assembly in Denver this past June, we’ve been blessed abundantly to witness the ways they’ve come alongside us.”

Unlike traditional lenders, the goal of Everence is not to maximize profits. Their goal is to see the mission of the church succeed.

Bill Hartman, vice president of Everence, puts it this way: “Everence exists to help individuals and organizations integrate Christian faith values in their financial lives. By bringing Christian faith and values into financial life, like Church of God Ministries, Everence is empowering the people of God to bring the kingdom to life on earth as it is in heaven. When we can do that, the possibilities are huge and eternal.”

What are some specific examples of the services Everence provides? Bill responds, “We offer services with a difference in faith, like supporting ministries through the My Neighbor Credit Card, the Impact Annuity that funds church loans, or the Impact investments we offer that make the world a better place…. Beyond financial products, we provide financial stewardship education materials and curriculum for churches and faith groups.”

Jason McClendon concludes, “The partnership between Church of God Ministries and Everence is our response to hearing the heartfelt cry of our churches for assistance in relieving pressure on the financial side of their ministries. What makes this such an incredible partnership, though, is how their Christ-centered DNA and kingdom principles align so well with ours.”

In this exciting new partnership with Everence, Jason McClendon will work directly with Everence on behalf of interested congregations. He’d love to speak with you—please contact him at 800-848-2464 or by email at

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