Church of God Makes Final Prep for Freedom Sunday, Feb. 14

 In All Church of God


By Ann Brandon and Carl Stagner

On Sunday, February 14—Valentine’s Day—believers across the denominational spectrum will stand as one against the epidemic of modern slavery. This is because February 14 isn’t just Valentine’s Day this year; it’s also Freedom Sunday! Human trafficking has met its match if and when God’s church comes together against such widespread evil. Church of God Ministries has put a plethora of free resources at your fingertips to help your congregation observe Freedom Sunday in a meaningful way, including opportunities to support CHOG TraffickLight and reach our movement-wide million-dollar goal. One church that has embraced God’s call to fight against the injustice of trafficking is Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis.

Working against human trafficking is a biblical mandate for Church at the Crossing. We are inspired to address and fight modern day slavery as we continue to engage with the unreached and unserved in our community and world. Last year’s Freedom Sunday experience taught us many things, but most striking perhaps is that trafficking is happening in our own backyard.

The congregation’s response was a deep desire to do something about it—to put our faith into action. This year we decided to go beyond raising awareness to provide opportunities for our families to respond together. Freedom Sunday will include a focus on the issue and our response in our worship services. Five local ministry partners connected to the fight against human trafficking will be present for information and service opportunities.

We will also host a toiletries drive. Items collected will be sent to organizations who serve vulnerable women and children at risk. In addition to this, and because we believe that we have to be proactive in fighting human trafficking, we will provide resources for youth and parents of young children about the topic to prevent them from being a potential victim.

The time is now to do something about human trafficking. For too long, our churches have been content to preach to ourselves and call the outside world onto our turf. Now we’re going to them, taking the freedom of Jesus Christ to where they are. Freedom Sunday 2015 raised awareness across the movement for the reclamation of what hell has stolen. This February 14, it’s time to demonstrate what love is truly all about while shaking the very gates of hell.

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