Church of God in Honduras Sets Sights on Societal Transformation

 In All Church of God, Give Life

Church of God in Honduras engaging their culture.

By Carl Stagner

Much of the Church of God in Honduras is in the midst of a season of growth and health. In such seasons, it can be tempting to get comfortable and enjoy the ride. But instead of complacency, the Church of God is actively searching for ways to engage and support their communities. Believing God to expand their outreach, they’ve pursued plans to establish a school, train entrepreneurs while funding ministry, and build a retreat center. Donnie Allen, national representative for the Church of God in Honduras, offers the Church of God in the U.S. and Canada a glimpse of their efforts to bring hope and help to the population.

Thirty-one years in the ministry, Donnie Allen couldn’t be more excited than he is now about what God is doing in Honduras. Also the pastor of a local congregation, Donnie expresses a common commitment to closeness with God. Such closeness requires obedience to his will, and they’ve discerned his will to bring hope and help to their neighbors. Attributing some of the church’s health to the struggles of the people, he explains that there is a curiosity of spiritual matters when hope and help can’t be found in economic and political landscape.

Much of the CHOG in Honduras is healthy and growing!

“Honduras has a high level of corruption that makes it hard to navigate the legalities,” Donnie explains. “Poverty makes it hard to finance projects. A survival mentality causes people to see themselves as victims. But because of that, we get to minister to really needy people. There is liberty to worship, and our churches are growing.”

Known for its coffee, sugar, and textile industries, Honduras is a country characterized by rich natural resources. Donnie describes the culture as one of “celebration” and close-knit families, yet with a deep appreciation for outsiders and the marginalized. He feels blessed to call Honduras home, but for Donnie, it’s really about his calling. To seize opportunities to encourage and enrich the people of Honduras, he’s led the Church of God to focus outwardly.

Mighty moves of God are taking place in Honduras.

“I’m excited about the vision for the school, which will offer quality, accessible, and productive education for the transformation of students and society,” Donnie explains. “I’m excited about the prospect of doing business to fund ministry, where we teach people entrepreneurship to start businesses that would provide work and revenue for themselves and church ministries. I’m excited about the possibility of building a retreat center on the outskirts of La Ceiba, which will be used for recreational and/or spiritual retreats for churches, as well as businesses and work groups.”

Certainly, the Church of God in Honduras is not content to simply do what they’ve always done. They’re celebrating victories within the church, but they’re looking to God for victories outside the church, too. When asked how the Church of God outside of Honduras can best pray for the them, Donnie simply responded, “Pray for resources, wisdom, and salvation.”

Now that’s a prayer all of us can embrace.

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