Church of God in Brazil: 2023 is Coming Soon!

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By the Todds

Why is 2023 an important year for us? Because that is when we celebrate 100 years of the Church of God being active in Brazil! As we look towards celebrating the centennial in two years, leaders have been making plans for how we will celebrate. Pastor Cezar Ricardo, the president of the national Church of God assembly, has challenged every congregation in Brazil to plant one church between now and 2023. In Amazonia we are well on the way to that happening.

While we are still in the midst of the pandemic, this fact has not slowed church planting initiatives in our region. The Central Church of God in Santarem has planted a new congregation in the city of Monte Alegre, located some hours away from Santarem. The Church of God in Uruara, a new congregation that is only three years old, has started a new work in the city of Altamira, located 118 miles east of them on the Transamazon Highway. The Central Church of God in Itaituba is preparing to plant a church in the city of Jacareacanga, 240 miles west of Itaituba down the Transamazon Highway. In fact, the church has already secured land in Jacareacanga, and they are currently fabricating the steel columns for the church here in Itaituba and then will have them transported to Jacareacanga to begin building the facility.

Photo: New chairs for the new church in Altamira!

The Church of God congregation in Porto Velho, planted only two years ago, has started holding small groups and prayer meetings in the city of Humaita, located 125 miles away in another state!

A specific goal of churches in our region is to have at least one Church of God congregation in each of the seven states of Amazonia by 2023. We have two more churches to plant, in the states of Amapá and Acre. We already have land and a pastor’s house purchased in Amapá, and now we are praying for God’s leading for who will plant the church.

If you would like to participate in our church planting initiatives, you can contact Global Strategy at 800-848-2464 and ask about Church Planting in Amazonia (Project #42.30060), or ask us!

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*Feature (top) photo: Trusses for the future Church of God in Jacareacanga. They are being built inside the new sanctuary of the Central Church of God in Itaituba, which is still under construction.

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