Church of God Gathers in Phoenix for First of Five Regionals

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A desert Palo Verde tree in bloom Monday outside the incredible architecture of the new Mountain Park Church facility.

By Carl Stagner

Some are delighted to leave the spring snowstorms behind. Others are grateful to host the Church of God in their part of the country. Certainly the next couple of days at Mountain Park Church in Phoenix, Arizona, will be, for many, a reunion with friends from years past. The first of five Regional Conventions this year will also give attendees the chance to taste fried rattlesnake and cactus fries for the first time, whether or not that freedom is exercised at a nearby steakhouse. Everyone, however, will rejoice in the chance to receive, hear, and embrace life to the full, the kind of experience available exclusively in Jesus Christ. Through enriching conferences, inspirational worship, and powerful preaching—surrounded by desert scenery and warmed by Southwest sunshine—#LifePhoenix is set to spark a spiritual fire in the souls of Church of God pastors and laypeople alike.
Well over twenty states are represented at the kickoff Regional Convention this year, adding to the already eclectic flavor of the setting. Mountain Park Church, which had to relocate last year due to freeway construction, is very excited to host the event. Already, their hospitality has been evident to Church of God Ministries staff as last-minute preparations were made on Monday. Convention-goers will be amazed at the brand-new facility, but more astounded by the Jesus-fueled passion which drives this Arizona congregation to reach their community for Christ in a variety of unique and excellent ways. Stay tuned to for the latest!

It all starts Tuesday at 9:00 in the morning, Mountain Standard Time. Ben Hardman and Jim Lyon are the featured speakers for the day, but an array of conferences, seminars, and receptions await those who made the trek via plane, train, or automobile to this oasis in the desert. Visit for full schedule and details!

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