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After the loss of a loved one, the recipient’s family of Minister’s Aid monthly checks said, “This was a real blessing to our family. It made a big impression. We will [now] request that family and friends forgo flowers and [instead] make contributions to the Foundation’s Minister’s Aid fund.” Those checks were made possible by the Church of God Foundation.

Sixty years ago, a faith group smaller in size than the Church of God started a foundation. In 2011 their foundation distributed $34.5 million to ministries of their church. Could the Church of God do the same?

What if the Church of God distributed $30, $40, or even $50 million each year to support the ministries that you care about? What if none of our retired ministers had to live below the poverty level? What if all of our Church of God students could attend Church of God colleges and universities tuition-free? What if one hundred churches could be planted every year?

The Church of God Foundation was launched in 2008. After just four years in operation, the Foundation has provided gifts totaling more than $67,000—but this is just the beginning. You can make a difference in ministry today that will last fifty years and more by partnering with the growing Church of God Foundation. Through your bequests, wills, charitable gift annuities, or by naming the Foundation as an insurance or IRA beneficiary, you can give a gift that keeps on giving. Your church and regional association also has the opportunity to establish an endowment
that reaps blessings year after year.

To learn more about the Church of God Foundation, visit or call 877-549-4438. Find the Foundation on Facebook at!

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