Church of God Foundation Continues to Bless the Church

 In All Church of God, NAC: North American Convention


By Kenneth E. Hatch

The Church of God Foundation has just completed its fifth year of operation. There has been a broad range of activity and contacts made by the Foundation. Relationships are continuing to grow, and there is increased activity. Churches and individuals are contacting the Foundation in addition to the Foundation’s reaching out to them.

The economy has had its fits and starts. No one knows where the economy will head in the coming months with a presidential election and possible changes in the U.S. Congress. However, the Foundation continues to grow. Church of God Ministries continues to underwrite many of the costs of the Foundation as a part of Stewardship Ministry Group. To control costs and have a presence with Church of God congregations, regional ministries, and individuals, we have adopted free and inexpensive communication methods, such as Skype.

Among the blessings poured out on the Church of God through the work of the Foundation over the past year are the following: The Foundation has sent checks for minister’s aid to 212 recipients for $150 each. Minister’s aid grants were given to four recipients at $100 per month from the Long endowment. The Foundation distributed a scholarship to West Indies Theological College for our first recipient in January 2012 of $344. The Foundation also received funds of more than $50,000 from the Disaster Relief Committee of Church of God Ministries to establish an endowment for the prosthetic clinic in Haiti.

We are pleased to announce a distribution in 2012 of more than $4,600 to support church planting and more than $2,300 to assist in leadership development for our Native American ministries.
The Foundation has a bright future to leave a legacy for ministry.

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