Church and Minister Registration 2015: Patience and Grace Requested

 In All Church of God, Church of God Ministries


By Bob Moss

At Church of God Ministries, we are mindful that there have been some frustrations with minister and church registrations this year. Perhaps the following words will give needed perspective:

In 1965 my parents took our family on a big adventure. We left Warren, Ohio, in our new Ford station wagon with a pop-up tent camper in tow. Our destination was California via Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, and other sites of interest.  

Throughout the vacation, three important guidebooks rested on the front bench seat between our parents: the AAA Triptik map, a directory of campgrounds, and the Yearbook of the Church of God. Each weekend our parents charted our path to intersect with a Church of God congregation where we could attend Sunday worship.

For generations the Yearbook has been produced in the same manner with only slight variations. The procedures utilized in compiling the annual Yearbook are very labor-intensive—and, in many ways, out of step with the digital age.

Recently CHOG24/7 was developed to be a single point through which individuals, churches, and agencies could access their contact information, annual registration, secure online giving, and charitable donation receipts, as well as subscriptions to CHOG publications. Through the Church of God Ministries website,, CHOG24/7 users are able to log in and manage or review their account.

Technology is an essential part of everyday life for most people today. Computers, smartphones, and tablets all represent ways that we connect with news, information, people, and the world around us.

We believe that you will be pleased with new ways of connecting with Church of God Ministries and with the future developments in the Yearbook. The 2015 Yearbook will be different in scope, appearance, and in delivery dates due to the changes being implemented. Yes, in the future (as in the past) there will be both printed and digital versions available.

Meanwhile, thank you for your grace and patience!

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