Christian Women Connection Director to Speak at Global Gathering

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By Mary Baker-Boudissa

What is the best part about the Global Gathering? It’s our time to come together and fellowship with our global family of believers! This June 22–25, 2013, will mark an event like no other in the life of the Church of God. Guests from eighty-nine countries will experience dynamic worship led by some of our movement’s most passionate voices.

Among those who will represent the United States on the distinguished slate of speakers is Arnetta McNeese Bailey. She will share a message on the power of the Holy Spirit as the catalyst for change in a difficult world.

Bailey is a national leader in ministry who has paved the way and advocated for other women who seek to serve the Lord in ministry. Under her leadership as executive director of Christian Women Connection (formerly Women of the Church of God), the agency has become “a place for every woman, where every woman takes her place.”

With her heart for ministry, her passion for reaching the lost, and her commitment to supporting missions at home and around the world, Bailey was a natural choice for the Global Gathering. She has inspired thousands over her years in ministry—at conventions, at conferences, and in her travels around the globe. Her compassion for men and women in transition, facing difficult life circumstances, led her to found Priscilla’s Lost and Found and In the Company of Good Men.

In addition to Bailey, Global Gathering attendees will also hear from Timothy Clarke (United States), Amos Moore (India), Donny Franz (Paraguay), David Ravell (Australia), Edward Nkansah (Ghana), Mailesi Phiri Ndao (Zambia), Norberto Obermann (Brazil), Lenworth Anglin (Jamaica), and other leaders from the Church of God worldwide.

With the Global Gathering in 2013, Arnetta McNeese Bailey hopes to help bring our connectedness as a Church of God family into greater focus. “This is at the heart of how show Christ to a hurting world,” says Bailey. “Through our connection, our love for one another, we demonstrate Christ’s love. We are all one body, and a beautiful reflection of what it means to be Christlike.”

Won’t you join us for this historic event? Register online at or call 800-848-2464, ext. 2130.

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