Christian Women Connection: Continuing the Story

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By Mary Stephens

Women’s ministry in the Church of God began over eighty years ago with the mission of Nora Hunter. Nora’s vision for ministry and the work of the women in the early years is well documented in the book Madame President. This week the book An Unfinished Agenda: A Celebration of Church of God Women became available. An Unfinished Agenda continues the story. The book, by former CWC national president Che-Che Mobley, shares the accounts of those personally touched by the ministry of the women alongside the challenges and victories of a group of women seeking to serve Christ through serving women and equipping them for ministry.

If Madame President introduced us to the ministry of women and An Unfinished Agenda continues the chronicles of the women, then today we begin to write the future. The innovative Connector Ministries on the CWC website help equip women to plan and develop ministries in their local communities and provide women with a connection to others with experience in similar ministries and callings. New connections are being built every day from planning a mission trip to starting a mentoring program. Check out the Connector Ministries on the CWC website at

The new You Feed Them program recognizes that many in our communities, especially children, go hungry each day. You Feed Them is one way women’s groups across the nation can connect with ideas and programs, whether it’s a new food pantry or volunteering with an existing organization.

Nora Hunter’s vision for the women in the Church of God started with a mission trip. Christian Women Connection continues to host immersion trips around the world. These trips are not just travel opportunities; they are connecting points between women in the United States and people and cultures around the world. These journeys offer CWC women an opportunity to join in and learn from women and men spreading the gospel in diverse contexts.

Join Christian Women as we continue to write the story of the women in the Church of God. There is place for you in the story. Connect with us.

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