There are three CHOG Table commissions. Each group of volunteers is tackling one of the three Table topics: sexual ethics; refugees and immigration; and racial reconciliation and relationships. The commissions were first convened at each of the CHOG Table conferences, which met around the country in April, June, and September 2016.


Each Table presentation was captured on film and is being readied for posting online. However, before posting the videos, we are waiting for the Commission resource papers to be completed (one from each commission) to contextualize, complement, and expand the content of materials. Both the online videos and the resource papers are intended to assist our local churches as they wrestle with these frontline questions.


We must admit that we underestimated the complexity and unforeseen challenges of the commission assignments. Each of the commissions has faced unique challenges: some have been hampered by the international geography of their members, others by the personal circumstances of its members, and others by life transitions. Another challenge we face is how to package three unique papers into manageable and accessible formats for the broadest possible use.


Our goal for delivery has been repeatedly pushed back on the calendar, consequent to these challenges. For this, we offer apology to all those waiting for the outcomes. That said, we deeply believe that the magnitude of the conversation and its importance to the Movement begs for delay to get it right.


The new target for the release of the whole will be by Fall of 2018.


Thank you for your patience as we seek to make sure we listen closely to the Spirit’s leading on these issues.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andy Stephenson at AStephenson@chog.org or by phone at 800-848-2464.

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