July 2017

Just the Beginning: Convention 2017 Charts Course for Long-Term Kingdom Impact


Trafficklight 2.0, set to advance freedom around the world over the next two years. Partnerships between Children of Promise, Warner Press, and Stephen Arterburn, created to protect the lives of children and touch the hearts of men. New missionaries commissioned, called by God to go to communities both domestic and international with the hope of Jesus. A lineup of speakers, illuminating God’s Word for such a time as this. The CARE Seminar, connecting our pastors and churches with an initiative designed to strengthen the financial health and spiritual vitality of the shepherds of our movement. Pastors young and old, ready to join the movement with renewed hope and enthusiasm for the direction we’re headed. The voice of the General Assembly, heard crying out against a historical culture of oppression, supporting a unified credentialing process, and affirming the need for a movement-wide structural review. And so much more. This was Church of God Convention 2017, and this was just the beginning.


Is God Calling You to Respond?

You were there. Or you watched the live streaming. Perhaps you couldn’t make it to Wichita, but you listened in on the social media conversation. You were inspired by the bright new day of the Church of God, culminating in a convention experience that some have reported rivals that of the largest gatherings in Christendom today. You’ve heard the reports of God at work in the movement. You’ve sensed the Spirit bringing the movement together for such a time as this. You’ve caught the vision, and you want to take it back to your circle of ministry. Could it be that now God is calling you to respond?


All In Alaska: Young Pastor Couple Energetically Embrace Movement

They had no prior experience with the Church of God. They weren’t acquainted with Anderson in any way. In fact, they’d never heard of D. S. Warner, and they’d certainly never listened to Jim Lyon wax eloquent. The third full week of June wasn’t marked on their mental calendar, and shared history, common hymnody, and distinctive doctrines weren’t what drew them to the Movement. But Jesus at the center—and a leader who reflected Jesus with authenticity and boldness—compelled this young pastor couple from Palmer, Alaska. Concerning the Church of God in this bright new day, you could say Brandon and Crickett Evans are all in.

Church of God Convention 2017 speaker videos are now online!

By Charles W. Naylor

Christ came into the world to make men free. We are told that “whom the Son maketh free is free indeed.” Spiritual freedom is a heritage of every child of God. When the burden of sin rolls away, how natural it is for the soul to exclaim, “I am free! I am free!” It is God’s will that this new sense of freedom be preserved, that we be free throughout life. It is our privilege to live free, natural lives, exercising our spiritual functions, and living our spiritual life free from any yoke of bondage. Paul said that even the slave of his day who was saved was the Lord’s free man. It is a wonderful thing to be free.



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