CHOG Convention 2014: Reunions, Receptions, and Refreshments

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By Carl Stagner

Behind the lights, sound, big-name speakers, and programming of the Church of God Convention 2014, is a family. When Church of God people gather together from coast to coast, inevitably some saint will address another as sister or brother. Even Bill Gaither recognized the family nature of the church in his classic “Family of God” tune. When the Church of God plans a convention, it’s impossible for the family members not to mingle, reacquaint, and make special connections based on shared experiences. Thus, there is now a list* of reunions, receptions, and times of refreshment (and refreshments!).

Pre-Convention Events

Regional Coordinator Meeting
Global Missions of the Church of God
Thursday–Friday, June 19–20, 2014
By Invitation
Contact: Kathi Sellers at

SHAPE (Sustaining Health and Pastoral Excellence)
Annual National Steering Committee Meeting
Saturday–Sunday, June 22–23, 2014
By Invitation
Contact: Paul Dreger at

New Missionary Training
Global Missions of the Church of God
Saturday–Sunday, June 21–22, 2014
By Invitation
Contact: Kathi Sellers at

Church of God Foundation Board Meeting
Saturday, June 22, 2014
By Invitation
Contact: Jeff Jenness at

Regional Pastors Annual Meeting
Sunday, June 22, 2014
6:00–8:30 PM
By Invitation
Contact: Timothy West at

Monday, June 23

Mid-America Christian University (MACU)
Free Barbecue Dinner
4:30 PM
3500 S.W. 119th Street, Oklahoma City
RSVP by June 2
Contact: Morgan Alsip at 405-692-3244 or

Tuesday, June 24

Qara: Church of God Clergywomen Breakfast
7:00 AM
Mimi’s Cafe
3015 W Memorial Road, Oklahoma City
Reservations Required, $10
Reservations: Nichele Washington at

Christian Women Connection (CWC) Luncheon
12:15–1:45 PM
Room 241/243, Crossings Community Church
Reservation Required, $15
RSVP by May 31

Military Chaplains Luncheon
12:15–1:45 PM
Crossings Community Church
By Invitation
Contact: David Erb at

Young Pastors Forum and Lunch
12: 15–1:45 PM
Room 250, Crossings Community Church
Hosts: Matt Anderson (McDowell Mountain Church, suburban Phoenix) and
Steve Southards (Indian Creek Church, suburban Kansas City)
Contact and sign-up: Becky Arthur at

University Presidents Dinner
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
4:45–6:00 PM
Crossings Community Church
By Invitation
Contact: Becky Arthur at

Wednesday, June 25

Anderson University Reception Honoring Dr. David Sebastian
4:45–6:00 PM
Crossings Community Church
Register at:
Contact: AU Alumni Office at 765-641-4100

*Please note that this list may not be complete, and is subject to change.

It’s not too late to register for the Church of God Convention at! There you’ll also find an event schedule, lodging information, promotional materials, and more.


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