CHOG24/7 Activation Instructions, Annual Registration

 In All Church of God



1. Go to:
2. Click on the button in the top right hand corner, “CHOG24/7 Login.”
3. Click on “Create Account” on the upper right side next to the login button.
4. Provide the requested information:
• Constituent Type: Choose “Individual” or “Organization.”
• Constituent ID: This was printed on the postcard you received. Contact us              if you need your ID.
• E-mail: This unique e-mail address is what we will use to contact you.
• First Name.
• Last Name.
• Password—You will use this to log into CHOG24/7 anytime.
• Confirm password.
5. Click on the “Create Account” button at bottom of the screen.

NEED ASSISTANCE? Contact us at or 800-848-2464, ext. 2170.


1. Log into your CHOG24/7 account.
2. Select “Ministers and Churches Registration” on the right hand side.
3. Scroll down. Type in name and confirm constituent ID.
4. Review all the provided information to ensure everything is correct.
5. Click on “Show more information.”
6. To make corrections, choose “Click here to update it” at the top.
7. When finished, select the small box, “I have confirmed that my information is correct.”
8. Then click the green button, “Complete Registration,” just below.
9. Complete final payment.

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