Child Sponsorship: The Best Story That Never Happened

 In All Church of God

Kirk Bookout with Children of Promise kids.

By Kirk Bookout

What is the best story for Children of Promise? There are stories about children that cause me to laugh with joy, stand in awe, and that bring tears (a big admission for me). Press me to tell you the very best story we have at Children of Promise, and my answer depends on the day. New stories are a constant joy. But it could be said that the best story we have is the story we can never tell. We cannot tell those stories because they never happened.

Thousands of children have positive stories of nourishing food, medical care, school, and new life in Christ. They have hope and dreams. So many have had new doors opened.

Thank you. We have new and great stories, thanks to you.

What would have happened without you? Malnourishment, disease, death? A life with no real hope? Abandonment, where each and every day is a struggle to survive? Perhaps worse. Those stories do happen, too. It is why we are passionate to find more sponsors. But it did not happen with the child you and others sponsor. It is a best story because it is a story that never happened.

The best story continues

For over twenty-five years now, Children of Promise has been a ministry that has helped prevent human trafficking of children. Because of the strength of over a thousand volunteers around the world, pouring themselves into helping the lives of children, there is a church watching, protecting, and sometimes rescuing children. We are working to continue and expand this help and start new programs.

You protect children like Shraboni in India, whose mother was going to throw her into traffic because death seemed better than having her daughter sold into sex trafficking by her father. The church intervened and rescued the girl. Shraboni is now sponsored by a Church of God pastor and his wife from Mississippi. She now has a new story filled with hope for a bright future. She escaped the story that could have happened but did not.

We have a steady stream of stories of children protected by Children of Promise programs in their local congregations around the world.

Many of you know the story of Bishu. He was sold into slavery, but was rescued because of the commitment of the local COP leaders. His rescue would not have been possible without his sponsor’s commitment, also. Bishu’s story, the one that never happened, would have been tragic. But now he has a new story; he wants to be a teacher. Many of you have seen the nine-minute video about Bishu. If you have not, visit

Kirk Bookout is the development director for Children of Promise. Don’t forget: the next Children of Promise Sunday is scheduled for September 23! Learn more about Children of Promise and get involved at Learn more about CHOG Trafficklight at

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