23rd Ave Church of God

Oakland, CA

  • Demetries Edwards
    Demetries Edwards

Blue Mountain Community Church

Walla Walla, WA

  • Jim Snyder
    Jim Snyder
  • Sara Mahan
    Sara Mahan

Centralia Community Church of God


  • Lori Fast
    Lori Fast
  • Mark Fast
    Mark Fast

The Church of Mustard Seed

Exeter, CA

Cornwall Church

Bellingham, WA

  • Bob Marvel
    Bob Marvel
  • Mike Ford
    Mike Ford

Fairview Church of God

Seattle, WA

  • TJ Samuelu
    TJ Samuelu



  • Jon Nutter
    Jon Nutter

Iglesia De La Communidad

Santa Ana, CA

  • Sarai Garcia
    Sarai Garcia
  • Carolina Cantoran
    Carolina Cantoran
  • Braulia Garcia
    Braulia Garcia
  • Tatiana Ramos
    Tatiana Ramos

Lynchwood Church of God

Portland, OR

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor
  • Annie Croll
    Annie Croll
  • Marcus Dorsey
    Marcus Dorsey
  • Brian Arnold
    Brian Arnold

New Beginnings Christian Church

Redwood City, CA

  • Jamie Gaines
    Jamie Gaines
  • Rosana Smart
    Rosana Smart
  • Hurmon Hamilton
    Hurmon Hamilton

North Modesto Church of God

Modesto, CA

  • Norberto Obermann
    Norberto Obermann

Origins Faith Community

Ontario, OR

  • Tammy Vogt
    Tammy Vogt
  • James Vogt
    James Vogt

Transformation Communities

Yakima, WA

  • Cailey Dumler
    Cailey Dumler
  • Brent Dumler
    Brent Dumler

Vancouver Church

Vancouver, WA

  • Chris Kainu
    Chris Kainu
  • Casey Graves
    Casey Graves
  • Jeremy Galanter
    Jeremy Galanter

Westside Church of God

Fresno, CA

  • Mitchell Shaw
    Mitchell Shaw

Alma Church of God

Alma, MI

  • Erin & Dan Taylor
    Erin & Dan Taylor

Celebration Church at Arrow Heights

Anderson, IN

  • Handel Smith
    Handel Smith

Church of God of East New York

Brooklyn, NY

  • Yolanda Mitchell
    Yolanda Mitchell
  • Clifton McDowell
    Clifton McDowell
  • Mark Atkinson
    Mark Atkinson

Clarksburg Church (Fairfax Collective)

Clarksburg, MD

  • Beth Otchy Wolff
    Beth Otchy Wolff
  • Ana Gomes
    Ana Gomes

Community Church of God

Atlanta, GA

  • Kevin Earley
    Kevin Earley

Community Church of God

Macon, GA

  • Tarusa Stewart
    Tarusa Stewart
  • Jason & Sylvia McClendon
    Jason & Sylvia McClendon
  • Brenda Mathis
    Brenda Mathis
  • Shirley Lawson
    Shirley Lawson

Crosspoint Church

Natchez, MS

  • Marcus Archer
    Marcus Archer

Fairfax Community Church (Fairfax Collective)

Fairfax, VA

  • Valerie Nolan
    Valerie Nolan
  • Brooke Luther
    Brooke Luther

First Church of God

Saint Joseph, MI

  • Crystal Colp
    Crystal Colp

First Church of God of Hollywood

Hollywood, FL

  • Erwin Lee
    Erwin Lee

Good Church

Flint, MI

  • Miosha Robinson
    Miosha Robinson
  • Leo Robinson
    Leo Robinson

Gospel Nation Christian Fellowship

Atlanta, GA

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey

Greenville First Church of God

Greenville, MI

  • Matthew Stone
    Matthew Stone

Hope Community Church

Niles, MI

  • Nathanael Lyon
    Nathanael Lyon

General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan

Lansing, MI

  • Mark & Sharon Richardson
    Mark & Sharon Richardson

Monroe City Church of God

Monroe City, IN

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown

New Creation Church of God

Flint, MI

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

Northside Church of God

Muncie, IN

  • Matt Derby
    Matt Derby

The Movement Church (Fairfax Collective)

Columbia, MD

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith
  • Camille Smith
    Camille Smith

Transformation Community Church

Huntington, WV

  • Howard Winters
    Howard Winters
  • Deb Winters
    Deb Winters
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