CGM Sees God’s Hand in Leadership, Personnel Updates

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Pictured above, left to right: Bob Moss, Joshua Brandt, Jeannette Flynn, Lori Fast, Richard Smith


At the dawn of a new year, Church of God Ministries celebrates the Lord’s providential hand at work in a series of personnel updates. New roles in ministry for Bob Moss, Jeannette Flynn, Lori Fast, Richard Smith, and Joshua Brandt inspire gratitude for kingdom accomplishments under their watch, coinciding with anticipation for new seasons of blessing on the near horizon.


Committee on Credentials

In 2021, Bob Moss concluded seven years of full-time service with Church of God Ministries (CGM). Continuing to partner on a limited basis as chair of the Committee on Credentials (COC) and providing consulting support for US & Canada Strategy, Bob remained in a contract relationship with CGM. In this new year, Bob’s leadership of the COC and his other contracted responsibilities have come to an end; however, Bob’s commitment to the Church of God movement remains unwavering while his involvement remains significant. Keeping up his ministry as the Church of God coordinator for TIPS (Transitional Interim Pastor Services), Bob is fully embracing a role in which his relationship capital, spiritual gifts, and experience have found an especially sweet spot.

Bob offers the following reflections on these recent developments. “In the past two years, the number of Church of God congregations seeking interim pastoral leadership has rapidly multiplied. The TIPS ministry is expanding with many more congregations being serviced. Presentations to church boards and coaching of interim pastors is taking an ever-increasing amount of time….”

“As I discontinue my role as chair of the COC,” Bob continues, “I’m very excited about the appointment of Joshua Brandt as chair of the Committee on Credentials. He is a perfectly suited next-generation leader with extensive experience serving credentials matters in Indiana through the department of ministry services, and presently in Michigan as the state chairman of the credentials committee.”

Bob concludes his thoughts with a vision for the future. “Going forward,” he states, “I will continue to cooperate with Church of God Ministries staff as I coordinate the ministry of TIPS. Keeping lines of communication and cooperation open with regional pastors and the US-Canada office at Church of God Ministries just makes sense as we serve the Movement together.”


Leadership Focus

The development, growth, and refining of Leadership Focus, the overarching program utilized by the Church of God for the training and preparation of new ministry leaders, is largely credited to the diligent oversight of Jeannette Flynn. No stranger to the Movement for many years in varying capacities, Jeannette’s contribution to the kingdom cannot be overstated. In response to increasing demands inherent to the growing magnitude of Leadership Focus, Lori Fast and Richard Smith were hired as executive associate directors of the ministry in late 2021.

After a year of hard work and evaluation of the scope of ministry involved in Leadership Focus, Richard and Lori each expressed interest in continuing to participate in areas best tailored to their gifts and capacities. In light of Richard’s calling, gifts, and multiple ongoing assignments (including, but not limited to, local church pastor and university professor), Richard Smith has elected to focus his attention and energy in two specific ways over the next year. Thus, in a reduced but essential contract role, Richard has opted to develop course content on the topics of cultural sensitivity, justice, and equity. Additionally, he is creating a course for coaches and candidates in Leadership Focus regarding diversity awareness and relationship-building skills.

Over the past year, careful, prayerful consideration has been given to the exciting possibilities as the mantle of leadership is passed concerning this vital ministry of the Movement. With the time fast approaching to leave Leadership Focus in very capable hands, Church of God Ministries is pleased to announce Lori Fast as Jeannette’s successor, with transition expected to be complete on March 1. In the intervening months, Jeannette is pleased to remain at the helm while key projects-in-process are addressed, remaining available to finalize projects into the summer.

“We are so deeply appreciative of Dr. Smith’s continued commitment and involvement with the Leadership Focus Program,” Jeannette Flynn reflects. “Church of God Ministries is delighted to continue partnering with both Dr. Smith and Rev. Fast as they give critical leadership and depth to Leadership Focus.”

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