Celebrating Strength in Diversity

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“He guards the paths of justice, and preserves the way of his saints. Then you will understand righteousness and justice, equity and every good path.”
– Proverbs 2:8-9 NKJV


From female Church of God pioneers like Mary Cole to the vibrant African American heritage of NACOG, our Church of God history and culture have long been shaped by and benefited from our diversity. In fact, Daniel S. Warner established the Church of God movement as “accepting no creed but the Bible, open to every blood-washed one, a church of unity, healing, and wholeness.”

That’s why we’re proud to celebrate the work of the Justice & Equity Task Force, formed in response to a mandate from the General Assembly in 2021 to seek out and clarify the “composition, beliefs, and practice of the Church of God in regard to racial justice and the equality of men and women.”  In a time when culture wars dominate the headlines and threaten to divide, we are so thankful for the leadership of a General Assembly that emphasizes the priesthood of all believers, and blessed to celebrate together the very diversity that has shaped our Movement for more than 140 years.

After the presentation of the task force’s much-anticipated and historic report – prepared after two years of due diligence that included a Movement-wide survey, multiple focus groups, review of current minister data, and more – the General Assembly in 2023 issued additional mandates to further this imperative, Spirit-driven work.

The first is a celebration of women in leadership, designated by the mandate as “PreacHer Sunday,” to take place annually on the second Sunday in March. The inaugural PreacHer Sunday will be March 10, 2024, with the goal of “having women fill as many pulpits in Church of God congregations as possible.” This celebration will be led by Christian Women Connection in cooperation with Church of God Ministries. The second General Assembly mandate is a Pentecost Sunday celebration of our Movement’s multi-ethnic identity, “to celebrate and challenge the church to remember this is what we believe and this is who we are as a Movement.” 

Please join us in anticipatory prayer as we prepare for these important celebrations, both woven into the fabric of our Movement as “a church of unity, healing, and wholeness.”


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