Celebrating Pastor Appreciation Month 2022

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Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then. Pastors, too. And, while the clergy among us certainly need expressions of appreciation throughout the year, the truth is that there’s something special about the month of October for many a minister. Though pastors aspire to serve with humility and gratitude for their God-given provisions, they, too, are human. They, too, feel loved when a parishioner gives them a pat on the back, an accolade or two, babysitting coverage for a date night, or a greeting card that has a word of encouragement—and perhaps a gift card to a local eatery! As the peak of fall color nears across the United States and Canada, signs of peak creativity and generosity suggest congregations are already busy showing how much they appreciate their pastors.

Pastor Appreciation Month—also known as Clergy Appreciation Month (don’t forget clergy whose ministry setting isn’t the local church!)—comes each October, inspiring congregations everywhere to do something above and beyond the norm to remind their spiritual leaders just how much they care.

The following are ideas that cover the spectrum of style, cost, and creativity. Perhaps one, two, or more will inspire you to bless your pastor this month and always.

  • Special love offerings
  • Gift cards to favorite restaurants
  • A coordinated “greeting card” shower of notes from congregants
  • Baked goods (store-bought if you don’t have a culinary gift!)
  • Lodging for a pastor-and-spouse getaway (don’t bug them while they’re away!)
    • Consider Full Strength Network, which offers several retreat centers to pastors free or at a reduced rate!
  • Auto maintenance and repair
  • Parsonage/home repair and beautification
  • Treating your pastor and his family to a meal out
  • Packing your pastor’s freezer with staple foods (be sure they like such foods!)
  • Texting or emailing your pastor on late Sunday or early Monday to say, “Thank you!”
  • Commit to praying regularly for them
  • Utilizing your spiritual gifts for the benefit of the pastor and local church!

Want more ideas? A few years ago, we created this handy how-to guide for Pastor Appreciation Month. Check out our practical Steps 1 through 5 at https://www.jesusisthesubject.org/guide-pastor-appreciation-month/. Additional resources can be obtained at the much-acclaimed www.blessyourpastor.org.


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