CBH ViewPoint to Present Don’t-Miss Christmas Series

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By Carl Stagner

Frankenmuth, Michigan, might sound more like a Halloween town than the home of the largest Christmas store in the world. But at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the most wonderful time of the year is, in fact, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Bronner’s is also the location at which five broadcasts of CBH ViewPoint were recorded, just in time for the season! Perhaps you’ve never tuned in to ViewPoint before, or maybe it’s been awhile. Be sure to tune in to this special, don’t-miss Christmas series, which will bring peace to your soul and, at times, tears of joy to your eyes. In each broadcast you’ll discover the deeper meanings behind the majesty of the manger.

Co-host Jennifer Wilson reflects, “We found Jesus in every department. It’s easy to become distracted at holiday times. I think listeners will be blessed each week with the reiteration of the simple, yet astounding truth that God became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus is continually revealing himself in the midst of our world. That is the biggest deal.”

SilentNight_chapel_CBH2015Though radio has its limitations, it opens multiple dimensions to the imagination. You may not be able to see what Jim Lyon, Jennifer Wilson, and mass-media specialist Jared Powell saw, but you’ll know just what they’re talking about. “We had the delightful and difficult task of trying to translate to radio the visible and audible wonderment that surrounded us, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. I loved the energy and atmosphere, shoppers all around us, very hospitable staff at Bronner’s, and being with the CBH staff (Jim and Jared). I really enjoyed spontaneously singing ‘Silent Night’ in the chapel. The acoustics were fabulous.”

Give ViewPoint a try over the next five weeks. You’ll be entertained, enriched, and encouraged—as will listeners across the globe. “When we speak, you have to know that we have specific listeners in mind,” Jennifer explains. “We envision a man in his car on the New Jersey Turnpike, driving with discouragement, who is scanning channels and stops when he hears a lively conversation filled with laughter and song, truth and hope. Or maybe some folks on the other side of the world, desiring to learn English, who find our broadcast and listen, hoping to pick up some new phrases or vocabulary. Every program offers the invitation to pray, to connect, to know Jesus. Tune in because you want to be a part of something bigger than we could imagine. Tune in to find hope.”

On November 29, tune in and hear Wayne Bronner, second-generation of the store’s namesake, discuss the history of the store with Jim Lyon. You’ll also delight in the opening dialogue of “Christmas is a Big Deal.”

On December 6, listen to ViewPoint to hear the history of “Silent Night,” written way back in 1818. Imagine the setting as Jim Lyon and Jennifer Wilson broadcast from Bronner’s exact replica of the site in Germany where the song was first written and performed.

On December 13, tune in for a fascinating journey to the nativity scene. Allow your understanding of the significance of the manger to broaden your appreciation for the Christmas story.

On December 20, hear an interview with Dietrich Bronner as your ViewPoint hosts meander through aisles of ornaments at Bronner’s. Learn how you can make Christmas personal.

On December 27, conclude your Christmas-listening experience with a discussion on the global impact of Christmas—why it matters for the entire world.

To find a station, or to listen online, visit www.cbhviewpoint.org.

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