CBH Launches Optimized Website and New CBH App

 In All Church of God, CBH: Christians Broadcasting Hope


By Logan E. Ritchhart

I’m at church following along in the Bible app on my iPhone as Jim Lyon reads from God’s Word. I’m at the store shopping for groceries using the Notes app on my phone to find the plethora of items I need for the week. I’m with friends and the conversation turns to movies…“Who was it that played Abraham Lincoln in the movie Lincoln that was just released?” I get out my phone and open my IMDB (Internet Movie Database) app and say, “It was Daniel Day-Lewis!” I can even calculate the payments (including interest) on a loan for a home or a car, use my phone as a flashlight, pay bills, find the nearest Starbucks, or keep up with my favorite sports team all because I have the app. Truly there’s an app for that, whatever that is.

As the new year unrolls here at CBH, we’re looking at the ways we communicate with our listeners, supporters, and partners. One of the questions we have asked is, How accessible are we to the people who want to find us? On the web? On the radio? As we’ve considered this question, we’ve come up with some solutions that will ultimately help make the message of hope more accessible to more people. There are two primary areas that we have looked at to improve our presence among our friends and listeners, and both involve “smart” devices.

We are convinced that radio is by far the best bang for our buck when it comes to spreading the hope of Christ around the world. However, we can’t ignore the reality that mobile devices are quickly changing the way people access radio, and other kinds of information, especially in more developed countries. People with mobile devices can already access our website, but because of screen sizes and other related issues, browsing an Internet site on a mobile device can be somewhat clunky when the site is not prepared specifically for mobile devices. In fact, some functionality may not even be available. With that in mind, we recently optimized our website for mobile devices. This makes it easier to move through our website on a smart phone, tablet, or iPod. We believe that this change will help make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for when they visit our site.

As we begin the new year, we do so by launching our first Christians Broadcasting Hope app for mobile devices. This new app will place much of the information from our website, and more, at your fingertips. Just download the app and you’re off and running. Do you want to listen to the newest radio program from ViewPoint or from our Spanish broadcast, La Hermandad Cristiana? Just open the app and start listening. What’s new with CBH? Again, just open the app and read our news articles. Want to make a donation to CBH? You can do it right from the app. This new app will be in place while we develop a fully customized version over the course of the next year. We’re striving to make it easy for you to access CBH in the way that’s most convenient for you, and we’re positioning ourselves to maximize our reach around the globe.

Simply go to our homepage at www.cbhviewpoint.org and click on the App button, or use your QR code reader on your mobile device to scan the code on this page. Once the app opens, you’ll need to select the button at the bottom that says open in Safari (or another web browser if using a non-Apple device). Once the web page is open, follow the prompts to save the app to your phone. You’ll be more connected to CBH than ever. “Hey, anyone know where CBH is traveling this year?” There’s an app for that. Get it today!

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