CBH Launches Arabic Broadcast

 In All Church of God, CBH: Christians Broadcasting Hope


By Nabil F. Safi

Every now and then I like to look closer at a popular worship song, and today I’m checking out “Mighty to Save,” performed by Hillsong, written by Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding. You might know this song as “Everyone needs compassion” if, like me, you tend to call songs by their first line.

The lyrics of the first verse are so powerful, proclaiming that everyone needs compassion, and that Christ is only the hope for the nations. This is evident in Scripture, and in Acts 2 in particular when the disciples were heard speaking in foreign languages. Scripture says about the people listening: “When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard their own language being spoken…Cretans and Arabs—we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues“ (Acts 2:6, 11b NIV).Nabil_recording_FORWEB

In the presence of turmoil, men and women in the Arab world are facing discouragement and disappointment on a daily basis. Their future is uncertain and their well-being is threatened constantly. Under such circumstances, hope is a farfetched dream. Survival becomes the normal mode of living.

However, God reveals his hope for everyone in many ways; one way is through listening to the gospel. CBH has been broadcasting hope for decades, and today we rejoice that we have the opportunity to share the gospel with over 250 million people in the Arab world.

Therefore, a partnership has been revived between CBH and Salem Church of God, and according to Pastor Bob Moss: “Three of the national radio speakers of the Church of God were former pastors of this congregation. W. Dale Oldham, the founder of the broadcast; Dr. R. Eugene Sterner; and Dr. David Grubbs.” The Salem Church is being asked to revive its relationship with CBH in a new enterprise aimed at reaching those in the Arabic world. Nabil and Myrna Safi are a part of the Salem congregation and have been asked to produce an Arabic broadcast, Kello Tamam (All Is Well).

This program is directed to anyone who is wants to be optimistic and is looking forward to a better future that is full of positive experiences and true happiness. Our plan is to broadcast a weekly fifteen-minute program starting in June 2013.

The end of Acts 2 gives more meaning to the original title of the above mentioned song, as God adds to the church those who were saved. Our job is to “let the world know,” and he is “mighty to save.”

For more information, or to listen to the very first broadcast, go to www.kellotamam.org!

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