CBH and the Global Gathering

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By Gilbert Davila

Standing together at the Global Gathering in Anderson, Indiana, with fellow CBH team members was a precious and valuable experience. We heard portions of each radio program and testimonies from the speakers about what it is like working in each culture. And sometimes it sounded very different, from Christians being persecuted all over the world to small miracles happening every day. God is at work, and that is evident.

The beautiful part was that the common thread of the radio ministry continues to be the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each broadcast is special and different it its own way, and each is tailored to its culture in a unique way. CBH is truly global. Lives are continually being changed and transformed.

With your help and support, we stand together to be the body of Christ in a changing world in need of Christ’s love.

Gilbert Davila is the Spanish-language speaker for Christians Broadcasting Hope.

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