CARE serves early-career pastors and their congregations through pastor compensation coaching for congregational boards, financial management coaching for pastors; and financial assistance toward retirement and student loan accounts.




Working with a certified financial planner (CFP), pastors/ministers work through essentials of personal financial well-being like establishing emergency funds and creating a budget; consolidating loans; setting family financial goals.

Congregational Boards

Working with a congregational coach, church boards and finance committees are presented with best practices in structuring pastor compensation for:

    • IRS compliance

    • Leveraging compensation dollars for maximum pastor benefit


When coaching tasks are completed, financial assistance is granted to pastors, either to student loan or retirement accounts. The amount varies each year according to the number of applicants and the dollars available.


A limited number of pastor renewal grants are available to qualifying pastors, recommended by regional pastors, to address the negative impact of ministry stress on emotional and spiritual health.

For more information, contact CARE administrator at or 800-848-2464.

The CARE Process

Coaching for Boards – structuring pastor compensation package (2 months)

  • Complete application – Pastor/Minister
  • Schedule conversation #1 – Pastor/Minister + CARE Coach
  • Schedule conversation #2 – Pastor/Minister + CARE Coach + Champion
  • Introduce Coaching Plan to the Board – Champion or Pastor/Minister
  • Schedule Board Coaching Session (60 min) – Board + Coach
  • Submit survey – Board Chair or Champion


Coaching for Pastors/Ministers – managing personal finances and setting goals (2 months)

  • Schedule conversation #1 with Coach – Pastor/Minister + Coach
  • Turn in finance paperwork to Coach – Pastor/Minister
  • Schedule conversation #2 with Coach – Pastor/Minister + Coach
  • Submit the Treasurer Covenant Form– Church Treasurer
  • Submit survey – Pastor/Minister


Financial Assistance

  • Funds applied to Servant Solutions retirement account and/or student loan institutions


CARE Story

Healthy Pastors = Healthy churches

Almost 50% of Church of God pastors in the U.S. say that financial stress can make them feel like giving up.

CARE can help 100%

Almost 50% of Church of God pastors in the U.S. say that financial stress can make them feel like giving up.

CARE can help 100%

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