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Board members and finance decision makers have significant impact on the well-being of their congregations. Pastor compensation can be an overwhelming issue for boards to consider. That’s where CARE can help.

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Want to become a CARE Congregation?

Your board (or financial decision makers) wants to strengthen the well-being of your pastor and seek to become a CARE Congregation.

The CARE project provides financial assistance for pastors over a 3 year period. The assistance will be apportioned on a sliding scale, decreasing each year. The intent is to equip congregational boards with awareness of best practices in pastoral compensation.

CARE financial coaching and financial assistance are available to active pastors in Church of God congregations, who are:

1) As of January 2020:

  • 40 years old or younger, OR
  • 10 years or less credentialed in ministry, OR
  • leading a congregation less than 10 years old

2) A registered Church of God minister and congregation

3) In agreement to arrange a training session conversation between their governing board and the CARE Congregational Compensation Coach

4) Pastoring congregations less than 250 weekend attendance

and whose boards are:
5) Willing to contribute to the pastor’s retirement account (min. $600 annually)


Upon completion of congregational board coaching and pastor personal finance coaching, first year funds will be released to qualifying pastors for Servant Solutions retirement accounts and student loan assistance, $3500.

Talk to your Pastor about applying to be a CARE Congregation!


What is the purpose of the congregational coaching?

CARE congregational coaching seeks to present to boards and finance committees best practices in structuring pastor compensation for 1) complying with legal guidelines, and 2) leveraging compensation dollars for maximum pastor benefit.

Who is the congregational coaching for?

Congregational coaching is for boards or committees that are responsible for structuring the compensation package of any staff pastor.

Who is the coach?

Nabil Safi is the CARE Congregational Coach. Nabil, an ordained Church of God pastor, has in-depth experience in both finance management and pastor leadership with local congregational boards. Nabil holds graduate degrees in business administration and theology.

What is the church board coaching session like?

All board members and pastor(s) participate via Zoom for the informal 60-minute coaching conversation. Topics include: the 3 basic components for a pastor compensation package, IRS compliance, sheltering pastors from unnecessary taxes, the employee / self-employed dichotomy of pastors, FICA taxes, housing allowance, quarterly payments, and more.

How much time will the board coach session take?

The 60-minute Zoom coaching session will highlight the basic structure of a pastor compensation package and ways that structure is supported in the church budget. The coach will meet with the board one time a year for three years and suggest additional resources for boards to consider throughout the year.

How is the assistance money distributed?

Upon completion of board coaching and individual pastor coaching, the CARE Project makes a cash deposit available to staff pastors to either their Servant Solutions account and/or to their student loan institutions. Senior/Lead pastors and associate pastors are eligible.

Matching funds from the congregation, a minimum of $600 annually, is deposited into the pastor’s retirement account at Servant Solutions by the church treasurer or finance officer.

Where does the board find additional church board resources?

Check out the CARE Resources page, where you will find helpful tools from Servant Solutions and Evangelical Church Financial Accountability (ECFA).

There is also an on-demand course available through LifeGivers called Pastor Compensation Matters. Learn more >>

Who do we contact if we have questions or need more information?

Courtney Porter, CARE team administrator:

Joseph Cookston, CARE Director:

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