Bored Meetings No More! Moss Authors Book to Save Churches Lost in Logistics

 In All Church of God

By Carl Stagner

Bob Moss has again added lead pastor to the hats he wears in the Church of God, shepherding the flock at Hope Community Church in Niles, Michigan, while he continues his work as executive liaison for Project Imagine. But he’s also spent six years total in state and national Church of God offices and thirty-five in pastoral ministry. Over those years, it’s safe to say he’s experienced (endured?) more than a few board meetings. Indeed, he’s witnessed firsthand churches get lost in logistics, bogged down under the constant pressure of the next decision that must be made—or tabled for another day. In his new book Lost in Logistics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Your Board and Get Your Ministry Moving, Bob offers tested tools to help churches stop gridlock and jumpstart ministry. Board meetings don’t have to be bored meetings!

Bob puts it this way: “Much of what it means to be lost in logistics refers to the boards that are trying to manage the day-to-day decisions of the church. The meetings are bogged down in discussing routine expenditures and facility maintenance. Little time is given to thinking about the ministry of the church to the community. It’s like the board has become lost in a maze of logistical questions—and is not focusing on ministry opportunity outside its doors.”

Is your church board lost in logistics? In this new book, Bob gives a familiar illustration of the effect of board meetings on our busy culture. “Each month, dedicated men and women spent countless hours away from their homes and their families at a meeting table somewhere in the church. Sadly, they often return home fatigued, uninspired, and wondering why their effort seemed so pointless.” Too many can relate.

Early in his pastoral ministry, Bob realized he wasn’t prepared to address the issue in his own congregation. He observed that neither he nor the board had never been trained in the art of board meetings, and recognized that few were speaking to the issue. But a shift to policy governance, mutual trust, and delegation, among other methods and strategies, can work wonders in any church. Bob’s new book, published by Warner Press, can completely change the direction and ultimate usefulness of the once-dreaded, recurring board meeting. “I’m convinced by my experience,” Bob writes, “that I can help you make the transition from being weary and unfulfilled in meetings, to feeling joyful and energized by effective, visionary meetings.”

Besides state and national offices, Bob’s experience with board meetings come from local churches across the country—from Washington State to Michigan, from Wyoming to Ohio. Though the book only took several months to write, it was his ministry journey in these settings that positioned him to bless the Movement in such a timely manner. “Like most books, you could say it took twenty years to write—that is, the experiences of over twenty years contributed to the perspective of the book,” Bob explains. “The structure of the book was built upon presentations that I have made for several years to church leaders on the subject of church governance.”

Few people get excited about the topic of church governance. Bob does, but it’s because he knows what healthy church governance can mean for ministry and mission. “Like most pastors, I experienced a high degree of frustration with the endless cycle of committee meetings and the frustration by decisions getting bogged down in debate and indecision,” Bob reflects. “My interest in finding a better way, a healthier way, to conduct the business of the church is what fueled this. You might say I’ve sort of become an evangelist on the topic of healthy church governance!”

Learn more about the book at https://www.warnerpress.org/blog/post/get-ministry-moving-again-with-lost-in-logistics. You can also ask to download the first chapter for free at https://warnerpress.lpages.co/lost-in-logistics/. Already convinced? Buy the paperback at https://www.warnerpress.org/lost-in-logistics-paperback.html or the e-book at https://www.warnerpress.org/lost-in-logistics-ebook.html.

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