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Rapid changes in culture require rapid flexibility among churches. Adapting to the shifting trends of society with the unchanging message of the gospel means staying current with best practices, strategies that work, and technology that aids—rather than frustrates—the pastor. We’re happy to report that we’re taking a closer look at how we disseminate the resources of Be Bold Academy with today’s needs in mind. A better Be Bold Academy is unfolding.

Growing popularity of social media platforms are changing the way we’re getting the word out about the resources Be Bold Academy offers. Today’s Christ-centered leaders are often spending more time on social media apps than on internet browsers. Consequently, they’re getting more news and information from their Facebook newsfeed or from Twitter than they are from news sites and home pages. Now you’ll find Be Bold Academy on Twitter @beboldacademy, and you’ll discover regular updates and offers from Be Bold Academy showing up on your Newsfeed through the Church of God Ministries – Anderson, Indiana page on Facebook.

When scrolling down your Facebook Newsfeed lately, you may have learned that Be Bold Academy has started an e-mail list, providing a way for you to receive updates and free resources directly to your inbox. Free resource offers? Yes, you read that right! From time to time, Be Bold Academy will offer ministry tools at no cost to you, even if you are not enrolled! To add your e-mail address to the list, visit

As more and more state and regional ministries of the Church of God enroll their pastors, Be Bold Academy is expanding its ministry toolbox. Short instructional videos are now being produced that feature experienced Church of God pastors and leaders on subjects such as preaching, community outreach, and much more. Look for these videos coming your way soon!

Be Bold Academy is an online ministry resource portal to a wealth of information, training opportunities, and tools to take pastors and the ministries they lead to the next level. Discover how Be Bold Academy can be your advocate in day-to-day Christ-centered ministry at

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