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Since its launch in the summer of 2015, Be Bold Academy continues to expand its toolbox of resources, its accessibility to pastors and leaders across the country, and its reach to countries around the world. Considering its remarkable affordability, its online portability, and its practical ministry advantages, the increasing popularity of this tool among pastoral staff, ministry directors, church boards, and state and district assemblies should come as no surprise.

This year alone, an average of more than 530 users are seizing the opportunity to utilize a vast array of resources just a click away. Though Be Bold Academy initially captured the attention of North American pastors, a spike in interest from countries such as Poland, Great Britain, and France—to name a few—suggests our global brothers and sisters are also actively looking for ways to continue to develop as Christ-centered leaders. With Be Bold Academy, users are finding all of these ways through a single portal.

So why is it that Be Bold Academy stands out among online ministry resource brokers? Ryan Chapman, director of domestic ministry initiatives for Church of God Ministries, says it has a lot do with the wide variety of subjects the tool addresses. “Be Bold Academy addresses so many areas of ministry, making the appeal greater,” he explains. “This list of resources continues to grow, which only better serves the Christian community of leaders.”

After seminary and ordination, pastors may feel exhausted by their studies. But they’re soon reminded that there is always opportunity for growth. “Those who are college- and seminary-trained know that learning must be life-long,” Ryan explains. “Even the best educational experiences cannot possibly cover area of ministry. Be Bold Academy helps address both of these. We need to be refreshed as we continue our leadership development.”

Be Bold Academy is Church of God Ministries serving our pastors. Ministers give of themselves over and over to church and community. They, too, need to be refreshed. They need to be invested in. That’s why Be Bold Academy exists. That’s why it’s so affordable, and why the price for enrollment has dropped since its launch. It’s also why more and more state and regional ministries of the movement are purchasing bulk subscriptions for all of their ministers. “We recognize the importance of Christ-centered and growing leaders,” Ryan concludes. “In an effort to serve the church, we want to partner with our pastors and regional pastors in providing a continually growing resource that is available anywhere at a very minimal cost.”

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