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bob-mossThis week, the Ministries Council of the Church of God will gather in Detroit for its semi-annual meeting. The Ministries Council consists of leaders from across the USA and Canada who serve as the decision-making arm of the General Assembly when the body is not in session.

One of their major tasks this week is the identification of about two dozen (or more) thought-leaders in the Church of God Movement. These individuals will be invited to serve as members of a roundtable, commissioned by the General Assembly, to help create a proposal for the reorganization of the ministry relationships across the movement. The objective is to present a plan to the 2019 General Assembly for the consolidation of many ministry efforts within the Church of God and to strengthen the whole.

The Church of God is an amazing collection of God’s people, accomplishing much together through voluntary association. All funding and participation in shared ministry is voluntary. We believe even greater things are possible if we can imagine and discover ways to collaborate together in mutual work, to strive together towards the same goals, and to maximize the stewardship of resources for Kingdom purposes.

As you might imagine, finding a pathway to achieve these lofty aspirations will involve some very animated conversations. Messy, perhaps, but very worthwhile. The outcomes will set the stage for generations of leaders and for expanding our impact in a world desperately in need of Jesus.

Posts to this blog will increase in frequency as we launch this important national conversation. You can watch THE WINDOW for two announcements in the coming days. I will share the names of the members of the roundtable, and I will tell you the name given this initiative.

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: It is also important to note that no staff persons at Church of God Ministries are involved in selecting the roundtable members. It is being chosen completely by the Ministries Council.

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