Arabic Broadcast Reach Surpasses 100,000


In a part of the world where an estimated 90 percent of the population identifies as Muslim, the Church of God is actively broadcasting Hope utilizing current technology options. In particular, Facebook—as opposed to traditional radio airwaves—has proven a potent platform for Christians Broadcasting Hope to spread the gospel in Arabic. This summer the unconventional ministry attained a particularly stunning statistic: 100,000 followers.

Nabil and Myrna Safi

Kello Tamam, hosted by Nabil and Myrna Safi, was Christians Broadcasting Hope’s first experiment with targeting recipients primarily, and ultimately exclusively, through social media. John Walters, director of Christians Broadcasting Hope, observes, “The response has grown so significantly that we have now brought on help to assist in the ministry and response to those who reach out to us from the program. We are glad to introduce Natalia and Emile Georgi. The Georgi’s live in Beirut, Lebanon, and are people our Arabic team knows to be of the highest giftedness and filled with compassion and wisdom as believers in Jesus. I have had the occasion to be with them many times and know this to be so true.”

Upon consideration of the exponential growth of the ministry’s following, Nabil Safi beams with joy. “It’s amazing how we may not know them by name, but God knows each one of them by name. We’re utilizing the technology for God’s glory and watching it explode with interest.”

So, what makes Kello Tamam so effective? “I think what’s happening in most of the world, and especially in that part of the world, is that people are confused about their spiritual experience,” Nabil explains. “So many feel it’s not relevant to their experience and they’re yearning for something better, something meaningful…. Organized religion, including Islam, is declining among younger people, especially. In parts of the world where even clean water is inaccessible, people still have phones and access to social media. They see this on their phones, click, and listen.”

Kello Tamam literally means, “all is well.” Nabil Safi sees the Arabic ministry of Christians Broadcasting Hope as an opportunity for people to discover that Jesus Christ can bring that kind of peace to the despairing heart. “I believe every person has something going on in their lives,” Nabil notes. “My prayer is that, once they encounter this message of hope, the peace of God will surpass their anxiety and that they will be open to receive the gospel.”

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