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bob-mossJust over a hundred days ago, the General Assembly of the Church of God met in Wichita and strongly affirmed a motion brought by the Ministries Council for a review of our ministry relationships across all entities that comprise the Church of God in the United States and Canada. The leadership of our Assembly felt it wise to wait to launch the initiative until the Ministries Council could convene in September. In keeping with the motion passed by the Assembly, a roundtable was named, whose members represent “a diverse cross-section of leaders” who will gather to explore ways to “empower unity and advance the Kingdom work.”

The Ministries Council met in Detroit September 20–22, and took several steps to launch this conversation. One of those steps was to name this process of exploration Project Imagine. The wheels for Project Imagine are turning with the anticipated outcome to provide a report to the Ministries Council in March 2019, recommending a path forward for the Movement, for presentation to the General Assembly in June 2019.

Another step was to facilitate a balloting process by which leaders for the roundtable were designated. This was accomplished with much prayer and thoughtful, Spirit-led consideration. It is through this process that twenty-nine names surfaced. As such, the Ministries Council has invited these individuals to serve as members of the Project Imagine roundtable. This historic forum will convene for the first time December 5–7, 2017.

The invitations have been sent and we are awaiting the response of each one who has been asked to serve in this vital conversation. Those invited to the roundtable represent the spectrum of our Movement in culture, ethnicity, gender, and generations. Leaders from small, mid-sized, and large congregations have been invited. Others represent higher education, lay leaders, associate pastors, and Canada. Invitations have been sent to members of the National Association, Pastors’ Fellowship, the Hispanic Council (Concilio Hispano), and the American Indian Council. There will also be several regional pastors, Ministries Council members, as well as representatives from Christian Women Connection and the missionary community.

I’m asking you to pray for our Movement in these important days of exploration. I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to prepare for a new and bold day of growth and development in our united purpose to keep Jesus the subject and reclaim what hell has stolen.

While some have already speculated what the outcomes will be, I am choosing to believe that the Spirit of God will direct us to new paths ahead and leave the old wineskins behind. The name Project Imagine was chosen to invoke creativity, a forward look, with open hearts and minds to receive what the Lord will direct for the coming generations of this Movement.

You can give financial support to undergird this important and historic work. Simply send a check to Church of God Ministries directed to PROJECT IMAGINE #01.00104, or click here to donate online.

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