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bob-mossThe Ministries Council met in September and presented a list of invitees to the Project Imagine roundtable. Those invited to serve were selected by a substantial balloting process. This was accomplished with much prayer and with thoughtful, Spirit-led consideration. It is through this process that twenty-nine names surfaced. As such, the Ministries Council has invited these individuals to serve as a member of the Project Imagine roundtable. This historic forum will convene for the first time in Dallas, Texas, December 5–7, 2017.

Invitations were sent and a time for prayerful consideration of the opportunity was given. At the time of this writing, twenty-five individuals have agreed to serve. There are a few remaining vacant seats as we await final confirmation. The group may grow to as large as twenty-nine members.

I’m pleased to report that the Ministries Council made every effort to see that the Church of God will be represented in all of its diverse expressions. Attention was given to ensure that ethnicity, positions of responsibility, geography, and generations are well-represented.

Listed below are the names of the roundtable members, sorted alphabetically:

1. Bailey, Arnetta, Christian Women Connection
2. Barnes, Rochelle, layperson
3. Cottrell, Esther, regional pastor
4. Critser, Kay, American Indian Council
5. Dixon, Geremy, large-church pastor
6. Grubbs, Martin, large-church pastor
7. Guzman, Michael, mid-sized-church pastor
8. January, Jerald, large-church pastor
9. Livingston, Eric, regional pastor
10. Lutzer, George, Canadian pastor (Western)
11. Martinez-Garcia, Mary Ann, Concilio Hispano, Puerto Rico
12. McBroom, Clint, small-church pastor
13. Merritt, Miki, presiding elder, National Association
14. Miller, Vincent, Ministries Council
15. Myricks, Charles, National Association
16. Oldham, Neil, small-church pastor
17. Perry, Aaron, mid-sized-church pastor
18. Pistole, John, president, Anderson University
19. Pratt, Melissa, mid-sized-church pastor
20. Rennick, Steve, regional pastor
21. Rudd, Gerald, Pastors’ Fellowship
22. Sanders, Cheryl, mid-sized-church pastor
23. Swoope, Diana, Chair, Ministries Council
24. Talley, Doug, regional pastor
25. West, Tim, regional pastor

We are asking persons across the Church of God to begin praying for the roundtable meetings and to pray specifically for each member of the roundtable. In addition to the roundtable members listed, we will be hearing from hundreds of voices who will be invited to participate in focus groups. Also, town hall-style meetings will be held at each of the five Regional Conventions in 2018.

A core objective in Project Imagine is a commitment to protect the autonomy of the local church as we identify new opportunities for the Church of God movement. This roundtable is charged with presenting a plan for changes that will empower our movement to flourish and be re-energized.

On a personal note: This is the year that Renee and I celebrate forty years of marriage and forty years together in Christian ministry. In serving Jesus through the Church of God these many years, I’m now left with a burning desire to see that my colleagues, who potentially have twenty or thirty years of ministry ahead, will have the opportunity to lead a healthier, re-energized, and powerful movement that will change the world by keeping Jesus the subject.

This is the resolve that motivates me and also drives me to my knees in prayer. These years of experience have taught me that change is never easy and usually comes at a huge personal cost. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to see the results of lives and organizations transformed and the kingdom of God expanded. To that end, we all can pray. Please join me.

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