African Church Joins Holland Church of God

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By Patrick Nachtigall

In February, Patrick made a trip to Holland and preached at Eglise La Lumiere du Christ—a Congolese church that has decided to join the Church of God in Holland. Patrick welcomed them into the Church of God family and preached a sermon about the important, catalytic role they can play here in Europe. Located in the town of Geleen, the church is pastored by Jacque Zola, a Congolese who also works full-time and attends seminary in nearby Belgium. Pastor Zola reports that he is thrilled to be connected with the Church of God and appreciates the opportunities for fellowship with the other Holland churches and the wider Church of God network. Their congregation has up to one hundred people on some Sundays and consists entirely of African immigrants. The church will be facing a challenge soon as they will most likely need to find a new building space to rent. Please pray for them.

In both Europe and the United States, African churches are growing in size and influence. In Europe, they bring a much needed infusion of dynamism and belief in the power of God. From London to Paris to Geleen, African churches are making a difference and having an impact. They also represent the non-Western world of Christianity, making them great partners for our Three Worlds concept. We look forward to continuing to connect with them in the future.

Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall serve as your regional coordinators for Global Missions in Europe and the Middle East.

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